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The shareholders of the Corporación Minera Dominicana (CORMIDOM), which operates the Cerro de Maimón mine, have made the decision to officially suspend the productive operations of the mine and enter into a maintenance-only process.


Dominican miners continue on strike after failed dialogue

The decision was made as a result of the extreme situation and force majeure in which the company finds itself, and in order to safeguard the integrity of its employees and future operations.

The announcement was made known by Paul Marinko, president of CORMIDOM, who indicated that, for such purposes, they have already initiated all due processes before the competent authorities.

In a statement, the company informed its employees: "After thirteen years of tireless work, where we have had ups and downs, and together we have created this mining family, with great sadness and pain, we write to you to inform you that this Corporation Minera Dominicana SAS (Cormidom) has suspended all mining production operations and we are entering the maintenance phase."

"Regarding the situation presented with the Union of Workers of the Cerro de Maimón Mine [Sitracema], Cormidom continues to bet on a quick solution through dialogue and mutual respect, while we trust in the mediation of the authorities of the Ministry of Labor. And we reaffirm our commitment to the people of Maimón and the surrounding communities," Marinko declared.

In 2009, Cormidom had started operations at the Cerro Maimón mine, located in the Dominican province of Monseñor Nouel (center) and mainly dedicated to the extraction of copper and zinc, although it also has a reserve of approximately six million tons of gold and copper.

Marinko said that given the situation of disagreement with the Union of Workers of the Cerro de Maimón Mine (Sitracema), the company continues to bet on a quick solution through dialogue and mutual respect.

The Mining and Oil Chamber of the Dominican Republic expressed concern about the stoppage of operations that for a week has been led by members of the Union of Workers of the Cerro Maimón Mine in the Dominican Mining Corporation, considering that it threatens foreign investment and the development of the mining sector.

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