Millionaire fine! Ban on spreading narcocorridos comes into force in Baja California

Millionaire fine! Ban on spreading narcocorridos comes into force in
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This weekend it came into effect in Baja California the prohibition of disseminating narcocorridos under penalty of facing a fine of almost one and a half million pesos.

The ban applies to concerts and even bars and nightclubs, so regulation inspectors will patrol these establishments.

The penalty feeannounced a month ago, was published in the Official Newspaper of the State of Baja California and specifies that "whoever transmits, exhibits, exhibits, performs or reproduces music", considered as narcocorridos, must face a penalty of 1.24 million pesosresult of the application of a fine that ranges from 6 thousand to 12 thousand times the daily value of the Measurement and Update Unit (UMA) in force on this border, and which is 103.70 cents as of the date of publication.

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The regulations on entertainment are modified in Chapter 1, on "infractions that threaten public peace and tranquility", which in Article 86 BIS prohibits "Transmitting, exhibiting, exposing, performing and/or reproducing music, videos, images, or any other similar that promotes the culture of violence or advocates crime or the perpetrators of illicit acts in public spectacles and entertainment."

The publication adds that "the income obtained from said violation will be used for addiction prevention, treatment and control programs."

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