Military deposes president of Burkina Faso | News


Mutinous soldiers arrested the president of Burkina Faso, Roch Marc Kaboré, on Sunday, after little less than a day of commotion in the West African country and amid a climate of insecurity that has been deteriorating in recent days, according to local media.


Government of Burkina Faso denies military coup

The actions had begun earlier, when Burkina Faso soldiers from different barracks located in Ouagadougou, the country’s capital, and from the cities of Kaya and Ouahigouya had staged a mutiny.

The soldiers fired into the air to demand more means in the fight against international terrorism, which, they said, is advancing through the country.

They also demanded the replacement of the military leadership and greater attention to the wounded and the families of the soldiers killed in the combats against the jihadist groups. The protest found the support of part of the civil population, who came out to demonstrate.

The Government had acknowledged the incident through a statement and, given the rumors of a coup d’état, the Defense Minister, General Barthélémy Simporé, assured at first that no State institution had been disturbed and that the country’s president, Roch Marc Cristian Kaboré, had not been arrested.

However, during the night hours, the arrest of Kaboré, who was elected for the first time in 2015 and then re-elected in 2020, became known. In this way, he becomes the third head of state to be overthrown in this region in the last eight months. after similar actions in Guinea Conakry and Mali.

On Sunday itself, the Community of West African States (Cedeao) asked the Burkinabe military to respect the institutions.

A hundred young people, including leaders of civil society organizations, gathered outside the local television headquarters (RTB) in the morning to show their support for the military.

According to the media, on Saturday there were also demonstrations by civilians throughout the country, who protested against the insecurity caused by jihadist groups and what they consider to be little progress by the government in anti-terrorist matters.

In the midst of everything, it transpired that the trial for the 1987 assassination of President Thomas Sankara will not take place, and should resume this Monday, security elements around the Military Court reported.

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