Milei hopes that the anti-Kirchnerist impetus will overcome the distrust of his proposals

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Javier Milei - Europa Press/Contact/Mariana Nedelcu
Javier Milei - Europa Press/Contact/Mariana Nedelcu

Although he began to forge his political career just over two years ago, Javier Milei He has been preparing to be President for two months. It was not until his victory in the PASSED of August than his chances of reaching the Pink House They became realistic, against all odds. And since then, to ensure a victory, he advanced on a journey of moderation -with ups and downs-, which was crowned with a last-minute electoral alliance with the main opposition party for the last twenty years. Today, the economist outsider faces the decisive runoff against Sergio Massa waiting for the anti-Kirchnerist sentiment to overcome the distrust that generate in the electorate their lack of experience in the political field and their disruptive proposals.

Just as the state of the economy and its association with Kirchnerism are the main challenges to overcome for the minister-candidate of the ruling party, Milei's main enemies are his own public appearances and his most controversial ideas, which provoke skepticism in the electorate. Aware of the distrust that his figure generates beyond his “hard core” - which reached its ceiling of 30 percent in the Generals -, during the four weeks that have passed since the Generals Milei sought to develop antidotes to convince the undecided . That is, the portion of the electorate that she elected Patricia Bullrichto Juan Schiaretti already Myriam Bregman in the General Elections, and that today she will be forced to decide between La Libertad Avanza, Unión por la Patria, voting blank or contesting.

Aware that “stealing” votes from Massa is a practically impossible task due to the ideological distance of his proposals, Milei's greatest expectation for the key day of public life is based on seducing voters from Patricia Bullrich and the governor of Córdoba, Juan Schiaretti. A united sector, libertarians believe, for the anti-kirchnerist sentiment. That is why during the last month, the leader of the libertarians left aside the proposals on which he had emphasized his campaign in the stretch towards the PASO and the General elections, and focused solely on highlight the Government's errors.

Sergio Massa and Javier Milei
Sergio Massa and Javier Milei

With increasingly sparse allusions to his plans for dollarization, the destruction of the Central Bank and the implementation of a “hard hand” against insecurity, among others, he began to present himself, more than as the leader of a project, as an alternative to the model of Cristina Kirchner, Alberto Fernández and Sergio Massa. And positioned inflation, corruption and lack of order as central axes of their criticism. A tactic identical to the one he had implemented from Bullrich, his former rival in Together for Change became a political ally for the elections.

The support of Macri's former minister, those who frequent Milei believe, will be key to her performance today. They hope to stay, at most, with the 80 percent of the citizens who privileged it in October. But they do not risk appearing triumphant like before the General Election, when they were convinced that they were avoiding the second round. Instead, they appear serene and calm.

Milei's other remedy to dispel doubts, in addition to spreading anti-K sentiment, was moderate your proposals and regulate vehemence with which he transmits his messages. Strictly speaking, it was an extension of the plan that he had initiated after the PASO, which consisted of convene and announce a specific government team, made up mostly of businessmen dedicated to the public mission. The main challenge for the founder of La Libertad Avanza was to make people see him as a presidential leader, and he dedicated himself to that objective during the few four weeks that he had at his disposal to remodel his own profile and professionalize his party force. .

“Today Javier arrives with more support on the political side. He put on (Guillermo) Francos, relegated him to (the point guard, Carlos) Kikuchi, and approached Patricia. Today we see a Javier received as a politician”, said one of his collaborators. “He is calm, as much or more than when he spoke after the General Elections,” another reference from his closest orbit described him yesterday afternoon, when the leader was confined with his own people in the electoral command. “He is the same one who received the message from the people, said 'clean slate' and opened the doors to Mauricio and Patricia,” he added.

Milei at the closing of the campaign in Córdoba, last Thursday, with Patricia Bullrich
Milei at the closing of the campaign in Córdoba, last Thursday, with Patricia Bullrich

Contrary to the majority of political analysts, libertarians believe that the presidential debate, a milestone of the last stretch of the campaign, will be an asset for election Sunday. According to his surveys, although Milei was hesitant and allowed himself to be discursively beaten by his opponent, he would have been appreciated by many as "honest", In front of a Massa perceived professional but, at the same time, aggressive and associated with the worst perspective of politics. Also, look at the projections of blank vote, which could be one of the keys to election day. Although surveys in recent days showed that the tendency to use these tools is low, in the LLA camp they believe that any uncounted vote will be one less vote for their own force and, therefore, in favor of the ruling party.

According to the Electoral Justice, the results will be known, at the latest, at 10 p.m. Milei will wait for the decisive numbers at the Libertador hotel, the headquarters of his electoral bunker, where he has spent his days and nights since October 22 and receives visitors and political calls daily. She will be accompanied by her sister, Karina, its spokesperson, Leandro Vila; and his main advisors, Guillermo Francos, Nicolás Posse and Santiago Caputo. If he manages to prevail, it is possible that he will receive Bullrich tonight, with whom he already led a joint event for the first time, during the closing of the campaign last Thursday, in the center of the city of Córdoba. He is a vital figure in his political team, who could give him, along with “his” votes, the key to Balcarce 50. If Milei prevails against Massa, on Monday it will be seen if a sector of the PRO finally joins the La Libertad Cabinet Keep it up. Until now, libertarians were responsible for clarifying that assistance in oversight and public support was “unconditional” and They denied the possibility of co-government.

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