Milei at the end of the campaign

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The far-right presidential candidate Javier Milei promised that Argentina will stop being "fertile land for corrupt politicians" at the close of his campaign for the elections. Argentine elections on Sunday.

"On Sunday we have the opportunity to have a homeland again, so that our soil stops being fertile land for corrupt politicians and becomes a land of opportunities for all those who want to progress based on their efforts," said the libertarian candidate.

Dressed in a jacket and tie and this time without carrying his classic chainsaw, with which he toured the country to symbolize the spending cuts he plans to undertake if he wins the elections, Milei again attacked the "caste of thieving politicians", the "prebendary businessmen "and to the "journalists and microphones in hand."

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He bet on a victory on Sunday in the first round, for which he would need to obtain 45 percent of the votes, or 40 percent with a 10-point advantage over the next most voted candidate.

Milei, 52 years old, He was the candidate with the most votes in the party primaries in August and The polls show him as the favorite for Sunday.

At the closing ceremony in the packed Movistar Arena - with a capacity of 15 thousand people - the public carried giant dollar bills with Milei's face or masks with her portrait.

Among them was Moisés Achee, 57 years old, who until now had broadly identified himself with Peronism in power.

For many years I have voted with feeling (...) It was a captive vote. He didn't think. And the truth is that he turned a blind eye to many aspects. Now Javier Milei has my vote, my admiration. He is a concrete, simple person. He is not a pack. "He doesn't belong to any herd," Achee said.

In the act, The candidate won applause when he defended private property and "social cooperation, where it is only possible to be successful by serving others with better quality goods at a better price."

His project, among others, contemplates dollarizing the economy and drastically reducing public spending.

An intellectual orgasm

The economist Alberto Benegas Lynch, a reference for liberalism in Argentina, opened the event by referring to the candidate's project to "dynamite" the central bank: "What Javier Milei is doing for me is an intellectual orgasm."

In other words, Sonia Acosta, a 60-year-old public employee, also said it: "What Javier convinced me most with this is the Central Bankwhere the guys wash money, money for their pocket.

And why am I not afraid of dollarization? Because our weight is no longer useful," she said, before continuing to dance drums wrapped in an Argentine flag.

“This currency must be changed. Come the dollar, come," she said before continuing to dance to the rhythm of drums wrapped in an Argentine flag.

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Last week, Milei shook the markets by declaring that the peso "cannot be worth a damn" and advising savers to switch to the dollar, which earned him a criminal complaint from the president, Alberto Fernández, and a reaction from private banks calling for "democratic responsibility" in the face of fear of a bank run.

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