Milei appeared in presidential mode and promised more work to union members at the event organized by Barrionuevo

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Javier Milei in Parque Norte (Photos: Nicolás Stulberg)

Javier Milei He entered the event hall of the Golden Center in Parque Norte tonight in an attitude of rockstar. Instead of appearing from the stage, as is customary, he burst in from the entrance door, to walk slowly down the main hallway among the audience that applauded him while playing at full volume. Let's go for the glory, from La Berisso. The attendees, who had been waiting for him sitting in chairs arranged in rows, stood to receive him with their cell phones raised to make sure they had material to show on their social networks. They were, to a large extent, candidates for councilors and deputies, and second and third lines of the gastronomic and hotel unions and entrepreneurswho had gathered at the Buenos Aires property summoned by the leader of the Uthgra, Luis Barrionuevo -who did not attend-, to listen to the libertarian's proposals.

In reality, the event had initially been intended as a fundraising dinner for the La Libertad Avanza campaign by the union leader, with whom Milei had met after winning PASO. At least that's what the union had let us know. But in recent days, the meeting ended up becoming a speech by the presidential candidate, without dinner, and, supposedly, without being charged for cover. Another change caught a lot of attention: Barrionuevo, who had been announced as one of the protagonists of the night, did not participate directly. Nor were there other important union members. The audience was largely made up of members of the chambers and union members, including some workers, as well as libertarian candidates from the lists of the province of Buenos Aires and the interior. And one of those present, of unknown identity, had arrived dressed in a lion costume.

It was unclear why Barrionuevo did not go to the event, which, organizers said, drew about 3,000 people. There are those who slipped, on the political front, that their presence bothered a sector of libertarians, who considered that it was not the time, beyond the private dialogues and today's meeting itself, to be associated with "the caste" in A photo, one of the most powerful forms of communication. In any case, the union member provided all the hardware for the staging. Even the host of the political show was Jorge Formento, its historic announcer, who used extremely complimentary words towards Milei. Among other things, he highlighted that her interview with Carlos Tucker had been “the most viewed in the history of humanity.”

The public recording the entrance of the presidential candidate
The public recording the entrance of the presidential candidate

At LLA they denied, time and time again, that these had been the original plans. “It was never a dinner, it was never a fundraiser.”, they repeated. But some of the attendees said that they had paid sums to be part of the meeting, where little blue and light blue flags were distributed that the attendees waved in the air at the "peak" moments of Milei's speech, which was marked with a change in the tone of his voice the most disruptive phrases, in general to close each set of ideas.

Milei arrived at the place early, before 7 p.m., with her sister, Karinaand the shipowner in the territory Carlos Kikuchi. Later, some candidates for deputies joined, such as the candidate for governor of Buenos Aires, Carolina Piparo; to national deputies, Marcela Pagano and Lilia Lemoine, and vice presidential candidate in the PBA, Francisco Oneto. They all sat in the front row around 20, minutes before Milei started speaking. The event had been called an hour before.

As expected, the candidate, who began to speak after listening to the chants “She's afraid” for a few seconds, did not spare criticism of the “corrupt politicians”, the “vipers” and “manga of brutes” who ran the country in the last two decades with chicanas for both Kirchnerism and Together for Change, and praise for Carlos Saúl Menem, whom the audience applauded effusively when he was mentioned. However, he did not mention the unionists as a group in a derogatory manner once, unlike other times.. That delicacy of measuring himself before the public was a contrast with previous speeches before other sectors. For example, he had not taken that care in front of the businessmen from the Council of the Americas, where he did not hesitate to classify them as “prebendaries.”

The organization distributed light blue and white flags that those present waved before the libertarian economist's speech
The organization distributed light blue and white flags that those present waved before the libertarian economist's speech

Perhaps attentive to the promises of his rivals, Sergio Massa and Patricia Bullrich, that if he reaches the Casa Rosada an adjustment will come, he promised that, if he is president, “There will be work for everyone”. “With our chainsaw plan we are proposing to carry out public works through private initiative, eliminate economic subsidies, eliminate the deficit of public companies by privatizing. But this is not going to fall on good people, who generate wealth,” he said.

And he recalled his plan to create unemployment insurance - with praise for UOCRA - but "empowered." Our plan would allow us to go from 6 million to 14 million jobs. (...) We would work on labor litigation. And, since the price signal is clean, there would be growth in work, with more remuneration and more people entering the labor market. “There will be work for everyone,” he said, before they applauded him again. “There's going to be tuco and noodles for everyone,” he shouted. In another passage, also vehemently, he had said: “We are in the first case of the first President who is an orthodox economist to the core: whoever comes to spend, I will cut off his hand,” a passage for which he was applauded.

At all times, beyond the chicanes, even against Alberto Fernández - whom he had earlier asked, through his lawyer, to revoke his management's decision -, Milei appeared in presidential mode. He said he is confident that he can win in the first round - against poll projections, which show him well below 40 points -; He spoke in detail about his government plans, and announced to one of his future, eventual ministers, Guillermo Ferraro, that he would be the head of Infrastructure, a plan unknown until then.

Milei closed with a phrase alluding to the 2001 crisis. “To think that there was a 'let them all leave' and none of them left,” he said. And she finished, shouting: “Let them all leave, we are going to kick their asses out.” She then went down to say hello, while the rumors that had spread insistently throughout the evening that she was organizing a dinner in another room died down.

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