Mike Tyson showed off his impressive physique at age 57: “I still have it”

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The image of Mike Tyson (Credit: @miketyson)

Mike Tyson He is a living legend of world sport and this week he showed his fans that despite being 57 years old he still maintains a physique worthy of a boxer. The American, who was the youngest world heavyweight champion in history, is still linked to the ring and that is why he does not lose his touch.

On his Instagram profile, Iron Mike He published an image in which he is in his underwear and his naked torso can be seen, with his marked pectorals, strong arms and a bearing that denotes his past as a great boxer. “I still have it,” he wrote next to the photograph in which he looks serious, in reference to the fact that to this day he continues to give the image of a strong man that made him a reckless boxer in the 90s.

Tyson is working alongside the MMA fighter Francis Ngannouwho on October 28 will fight against the world heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury. Precisely, in recent days a clip went viral where the American is seen giving a “master class” to his pupil on how to perform in the ring during the great contest that will be held in Saudi Arabia.

Even in statements to sky sports, Fury did not hide his discomfort at the position of his idol and anticipated that for “business” reasons he chose the losing side. “I think it's sad, actually. The man named after me, a legend, has to go against me and then come out a loser, having lost to a man named after him. “I think he is sad and I think he should be on my side, not the other side, but business is business and I understand that it is strictly business,” he said.

Mike Tyson's surprising "master class" that upset Tyson Fury

Tysonborn on June 30, 1966 in Brooklyn, New York, stood out in the heavyweight category and became one of the most iconic figures in sport by winning his first world title at the age of 20, by defeating Trevor Berbick in 1986, becoming the youngest champion of that division in history. Throughout his career, he managed to capture several titles from the World Boxing Association (WBA), the International Boxing Federation (IBF) and the World Boxing Council (WBC).

His last performance was in an exhibition match held in November 2020 against Roy Jones Jr, thanks to which he pocketed close to USD 10 million. Despite negotiations for new shows of this nature, in 2022 he announced that he would not continue performing them.

During his period of dominance, he was known for his aggressive style and his ability to knock out his opponents in the early rounds. Although his career was plagued with controversy, including a 1992 rape conviction that led to him spending three years in prison, his impact on the boxing world is indisputable. It is relevant to highlight that in recent years he ventured into the business world with the founding of Tyson Rancha company focused on cannabis products.

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