Mijares complained to Lucero for not having had more children: “I wanted four”

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Lucero and Manuel Mijares were married from 1997 to 2011 (Photo: Instagram)

For many years they were the ideal couple in Mexican entertainment, but in 2011 they divorced. Is about bright Star and Manuel Mijareswho arrived at the altar in a religious ceremony that was broadcast in 1997, when the sign of Televisa He transmitted the link from the Las Vizcaínas church, in the heart of Mexico City.

They were married for fourteen years and the '80s' singers had two children: José Manuel and Lucerito, who have followed in their footsteps in the show, but apparently, the 'soldier of love' He was left wanting to have had a larger family with his ex-wife.

Now that they have a cordial relationship despite being divorced for more than a decade, the artists embarked on a concert tour together: Until we becamewith which they have performed in various settings.

As part of the promotion on a radio program in the United States, the celebrities recently touched on the topic of their family relationship, since it is known that although they have been separated for more than a decade, they are neighbors in the same apartment building and maintain a relationship. close.

Lucerito Mijares, 'La Beba', has said that it would seem very 'strange' to see his parents together again (Instagram)
Lucerito Mijares, 'La Beba', has said that it would seem very 'strange' to see his parents together again (Instagram)

Then the singer of love did not die He took advantage of the radio station's microphone to make a claim to his ex-wife, saying that he always wished he had had a larger family.

“I wanted four children. You ordered that there be two because that is what the perfect family is like, because that's how your family is: your mother, your brother and you," said the interpreter who is also in the middle of a tour with Emmanuel: Twor Friends Ten years.

Faced with this reproach, Lucero took the microphone and responded to his ex-partner: “We have two hands, for a son and a daughter” and laughing he added: “well, with you there were four. In fact, why don't you have two more and present them to me?

And continuing with the fun moment, in the singer's style, he added: “Well, now they would be our grandchildren. "It's no longer relevant.".

Although they are no longer a couple, Lucero and Mijares had two children during the time their marriage lasted (Photo: Instagram / @luceromexico)
Although they are no longer a couple, Lucero and Mijares had two children during the time their marriage lasted (Photo: Instagram / @luceromexico)

Finally, the singers revealed that although they will not return to being a family, since they each value their time separately, they will continue to be aware of each other.

We are growing old together, because apart from that we are neighbors... Look, we're going everywhere with both tours. Then you don't have time to have a relationship... Like, one is calmer that way. “I feel calm being alone,” said the 65-year-old singer.

Since in the middle of the year the singer of Electricity announced that she had paused her romantic relationship with the businessman Michel Kuri After ten years of relationship, fans of celebrities began to speculate regarding a reconciliation between the emblematic figures of the Mexican pop ballad.

There have been many fans who want Manuel and Lucero to have a loving relationship again and become a family again, however, Mijares stated the following:

“Together we continue because we are neighbors. We love each other very much, but I think that That's how well we are... It would be gossip, but no. (We are) very calm like this, we love each other very much and why move him", the 65-year-old singer told the reporters who attended the work. Mommy Mia!

The young woman's parents have supported her in her debut as a musical theater actress (Photos: quarterscuro)
The young woman's parents have supported her in her debut as a musical theater actress (Photos: quarterscuro)

He also spoke about Lucero and Michel's breakup: “When relationships begin, scolding and things always begin. Me, imagine how I was going to ask her about her issue (breakup), now it's her thing, but when we meet to sing throughout Central and South America and parts of the Republic, the topic is not discussed. I see her very happy, very calm, she is like a pirinola on stage, not for this girl. I tell her 'calm down', she talks to the audience...", narrated the singer of Women bathroomwho said that on a professional level the mother of his children is fulfilled.

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