Miguel Layún would leave the Águilas del América planted: the Mexican soccer player would change Liga MX for MLS


Layún would play in the sixth country of his career.

Photo: Hector Vivas/Getty Images

After a fleeting return to the Águilas del América, Miguel Layún is sincere and admits that his desire is to know soccer in the United States. The veteran soccer player would put an end to his second internship in the azulcrema team. The former Mexican international would say goodbye to Liga MX.

Another important Mexican soccer player would fall into the dangerous clutches of Major League Soccer. to the tournament Carlos Vela, Chicharito Hernandez, Hector Herrera, Alan Pulido and company, the defender of the Eagles of America could also reach him. At least, Layun’s interest was quite evident.

Yes, I see myself playing in the MLS, for sure. My contract is going to end this December but why not? Next season I would play in the MLS, I don’t know, let’s see, I want to try MLS to be honest, it will be interesting for me”, explained Miguel Layún in an interview with TUDN.

Miguel Layún, a soccer globetrotter

In the event that a transfer from the Mexican to United States soccer takes place, this would represent the sixth league in Layún’s careerafter going through clubs of Mexico, Spain, Italy, England and Portugal.

“Every chance I get to talk about it, playing different leagues, different countries, different cultures, for me it has been a great journeyhas helped me to develop as a person, not only in football (…) MLS could bring new things for me and my family so yes, I see myself playing there. I don’t know when, but I see myself there”, he concluded.

Miguel Layún ends his contract in december this year and is currently valued at $1.5 million dollars at 34 years of age.

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