Miguel Herrera had the honor of throwing out the first pitch in the Dodgers vs. san diego padres

Miguel Herrera.

Photo: Agustin Cuevas/Getty Images

The coach of Xolos of Tijuana in the MX League, michael herrerahad the honor of throwing the first pitch in the game that los angeles dodgers lost as a visitor 5-2 against San Diego Parents in it Petco Park in California.

The Aztec soccer strategist took advantage of his team's inactivity due to the elimination in the Closing Tournament 2023 to watch the match MLB between these franchises and throw the first ball. Herrera was invited by the ninth of San Diegowho was recently in the Mexico City for two official matches against San Francisco Giants.

He 'Louse' He enjoyed the moment, he was smiling and he even took a photo with the team's official mascot. The DT went up to the mound wearing a shirt from the Parents with the number 4 and executed the launch before the Dominican pitcher, Sunday Tapia. It should be remembered that on May 5 the victory in the battle of Puebla in 1862 against France was celebrated.

Later, in statements for the newspaper AS, Herrera highlighted his love for baseball and said he was happy to receive the honor from the MLB franchise. "It's great that they give you this type of deference, more for the day than it is, what it means for all of us and of course for the people here in the United States... I am a very fond of baseball, being here is something incredible," he said.

michael herrera landed on the bench Xolos of Tijuana in full Closing Tournament 2023 of Liga MX and after having sounded loud to have a second cycle at the helm of the Mexican team after the departure of Gerardo 'Tata' Martino. Before the Qatar World Cup 2022 in November, 'Piojo' was in charge of UANL Tigersbut he was fired due to a managerial decision.

Regarding the meeting of the dodgersthe visitors could not obtain the victory and fell 2-5 with a great Fernando Tatis Jr. who has been on fire since his return and hit a couple of home runs producing three runs. The win went to Japanese pitcher Yu Darvish and the save went to Josh Hader.

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