Miguel Bosé reveals once and for all who his first love was

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With the jump of his series to open television, the singer's private life was once again at the center of the media focus. After the broadcast of one of the episodes, the broadcast of the program 'La noche de Bosé' arrived with his interview with Joaquín Prat, in which he has revealed some unknown unknowns until now.

Miguel Bosé recognized what he considers to be his first love, nothing more and nothing less than Barbara Blasco. She is about a childhood friend who stole her heart when they were no more than five years old. Without being able to help but smile, he praised her all the time: "A girl, who was gorgeous, is still a gorgeous woman, with very, very long hair. And we were four or five years old, we held hands and said we were boyfriends. And I looked at her and looked at her exhausted" he acknowledged to the presenter.

Despite her young age, he was able to see how intelligent, cultured and friendly she was, qualities for which he wanted to keep her in his life after so many years.

On set, Paola Dominguín commented that Bárbara and her brother met because their parents were friends and wanted there to be a good relationship between the little ones. And emphasizing the good relationship they have today, she stressed that the singer chose her first love to be godmother to one of her children.

Another important person in Miguel's life, Andrea Broston, commented how she herself had shared class with the protagonist of this story. They both went to Santa María del Camino School together, unlike the singer, who studied at the French Lyceum. She has also witnessed how their relationship has maintained over time and assured that "they still have a wonderful relationship."

The singer Miguel Bosé, who presented the open premiere on Telecinco of the authorized biopic about his life on October 27, announced that next year there will be the release of a new album and the launch of a tour, in addition to a musical about which he does not has given more details.

"There will be an album and there will be a tour next year," Bosé, whose last studio album was 'Amo' in 2014, announced at a press conference. More than eight years have also passed since his last tour -- in between, Some projects have emerged, such as the release last summer of the song 'Si te pegas' with Rauw Alejandro.

Telecinco will soon premiere free-to-air 'Bosé', the audiovisual biopic of the musician readapted into four episodes, within the framework of a programming event that the network has called 'Miguel Bose's Night'.

Produced by Paramount in collaboration with Shine Iberia (Banijay Iberia), Elefantec Global and Legacy Rock, with a script by Boris Izaguirre, Ángeles González Sinde, Nacho Faerna and Isabel Vázquez and under the direction of Miguel Bardem and Fernando Trullols, 'Bosé' features the actors Iván Sánchez and José Pastor embodying the artist in the two timelines in which the story takes place.

'One of the band asked me for a selfie'; Miguel Bosé tells how he experienced an assault inside his house

"Fiction gives the possibility of embellishing everything, of sweetening it, of making it more beautiful or harsher than it really was," said the musician, and then justified why he is now addressing that part of his life in a series. "I have been able to show my memories because I am at peace with them."

"Seeing it has been a liberation captured. It is a pleasure and I thank each and every one of my memories for everything they have given me and taught me. Now I let them fly and declare them free," added Bosé, after ensuring that the result of the series has left him "calm."

The musician explained at one point how he came to the project, through sending three of his songs performed by the protagonist of the fiction, José Pastor. "I couldn't realize that it wasn't me who was singing," Bosé commented with humor.

Likewise, he has also alluded to the recent episode he experienced at his home in Mexico, where he was robbed at gunpoint. "While I was arrested, I saw them passing by with the things, they carried them in very expensive brand-name suitcases and I breathed a sigh of relief because they took them and I didn't know what to do with them," he joked.

The four episodes of this biopic are named after a mythical song by the artist: 'The son of Captain Trueno', 'Don Diablo', 'Bandido' and 'Morenamía'. Each title works as a common thread for the events that are narrated.

From the beginning of his career and his years of youth and debauchery, in which he broke all the molds despite the conventions of the time and the opposition of his father, to his stage of artistic and personal maturity, during the tour of his album 'Papito', in which he makes the decision to be a father. All this with the story of his successive romances and the most important moments of his career.


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