Miguel Ángel Godínez García - The security of the President

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The hurricane Otis destroyed Acapulco and, in the process, exposed the inability and irresponsibility of offices such as the National Civil Protection Coordination, the SSPC, and the President's assistant.

It is sad to see what was left of Acapulco, one of the most emblematic ports in Mexico, but it was also painful to see the President stuck in a truck, in the middle of a destroyed and unsafe road; walking in mudflats and boarding a Jeep that got stuck meters ahead and then being transported with all its safety equipment in an old truck.

Whose fault is it? By instruction of the President, his assistant takes control of his work tours, but has made several mistakes, to the point of falling into irresponsibility and putting at risk, not only the physical integrity of the president, but also his own. There are countless times that his truck has been intercepted, even at drug trafficking checkpoints. This support group does not listen to or understand the instructions of the Sedena.

When going to Guerrero, Lopez Obrador he had no need to risk it. The Army has aircraft with cutting-edge technology and General. Luis Cresencio Sandoval He made them available to them. There were two helicopters, a Black Hawk and a Puma, to transport him and his cabinet to the disaster area, but the president decided to go by land, supported by his assistant, the consequences, I already mentioned.

It was also embarrassing to hear him say in the morning that he lacked information, when the Secretaries of Defense and Navy promptly informed him of the situation through a satellite phone.

None of this would happen if the Presidential General Staff existed, which was eliminated by instruction of the President himself. Lopez Obrador. Among his functions was, first of all, the President's security and logistical support. In disaster situations he organized and provided resources for relief operations, transportation, communications and supplies. He worked closely with Sedena, Semar, Civil Protection and other institutions.

Otis It caused the death of 27 people and four missing people, some of them sailors and soldiers. These were deaths that could have been avoided if Civil Protection, in charge of Laura Velazquezwould have been able to alert the population.

Although it was a tropical storm that had a rapid and atypical intensification of power, it is also true that there was negligence. 12 hours before it made landfall, the National Hurricane Center in Miami issued an urgent alert to the National Meteorological Service, verifying that the storm was growing in intensity. The phenomenon caught residents off guard, but Mexican authorities cannot claim that they did not have enough evidence to issue the alert.

And where was the PC owner? Shortly before the catastrophe, Laura Velazquez decided to attend a meal to say goodbye to the questioned former president of the Truth Commission of the Ayotzinapa Case, Alejandro Encinas. The official forgot about the alert in Guerrero and did not inform the President or the state government either. In turn, the governor Evelyn Salgado It was also conspicuous by its absence. She was seen a day before, when she inaugurated the Command Center for Attention to the Effects of the Storm Otis, in which actions and strategies for hurricane prevention, care and mitigation would be designed, but it turned out to be a setup. He did not appear again and the organization did not even know how to coordinate with the municipal presidency of Acapulco, which in that case would have made the same difference, nor with the GN or the state police, which explains the acts of looting of stores and businesses without no security element on the street.

* The secretary of SC of CDMX, Pablo Vazquezsent a specialized group to support Acapulco.


Regarding the EMP, today marks the eighth anniversary of the General's death. Miguel Ángel Godínez Bravo, who was head of this institution for several years. He was also Commander of the VII RM in the EZLN uprising and a federal deputy.

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