Migration, failure and rhetoric… 2023/10/20

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It will show rise to the minimum, IP-4T struggle.

In the midst of the most serious immigration crisis in recent decades, victim of the ineffectiveness of the (non-existent) policies “adopted” by his government on the matter, Andrés Manuel López Obrador He would seem to be preparing to use the existing deteriorated environment to give way to a new “setup” that, with the support of half a dozen like-minded Latin American leaders and dictators, will allow him to distract society's attention from the increasingly evident failure of his declining management. .

The convocation of a dozen “leaders” from Central, South America and miserable Cuba to evaluate with them the “root” causes of the migration problem and design an eventual comprehensive solution to it seems more like a propaganda project than a real and serious effort to rule on an issue that, as is well known, has its origin in the policies of local governments to avoid poverty through the sponsorship of greater and more equitable development and, obviously, guarantee conditions of freedom and respect for rights, something that many of those invited to the Palenque Meeting would seem to be unwilling to guarantee.

Less, it is worth highlighting, when among those summoned the same includes the Cuban repressor Miguel Diaz-Canelsubordinate “retiree” tax Raul Castrothat the unpresentable Venezuelan Nicolas Maduro, whose ignorance and inability surprise and “amuse” the entire world from time to time; the questioned Colombian Gustavo Petro; the Ecuadorian salient Guillermo Lasso; the honduran Xiomara Castro and the Haitian prime minister Ariel Henryamong others…

When between last January and September, according to official figures, just over half a million inhabitants of those countries have endured all kinds of risks to cross the Darién jungle, between Colombia and Panama, on their way to the United States, the sole intention of finding new root causes of the problem and possible solutions in the nations summoned to the conclave next Sunday, we insist, encourages us to think more about a diversionary action to postpone and/or avoid the adoption of measures that, it has been known for some time, would resolve or At least they would solve the problem. Or not?...


* Although he will take office until December, the PRI Manolo Jimenez He is already working on the economic promotion of Coahuila. Today, the governor-elect is in Asia, where he agreed to investments from two Japanese automobile companies for more than 400 million dollars, which will create 2,000 new jobs. Good…

* Aside from the abandonment of the Ayotzinapa case commission by its questioned head, Alejandro Encinasthe investigations into the 43 young normalistas murdered in 2014 will continue, so it is expected that a new order will be issued for the presentation of the former prosecutor of Warrior Iñaki Blanco

* In Hermosillo, under the auspices of the mayor's office that leads Antonio Astiazaránthe World Solar Energy Forum, which the former president attends as a special guest this Wednesday Bill Clintonwill analyze proposals against climate change and how to make the most of this type of energy…

Let's meet on Sunday with another matter From nature policy.

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