Migrants stranded in Tapachula offer “labor” for the reconstruction of Acpulco

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Migrants stranded in the city of Tapachulabordering Guatemala, launched a call to the Government of Mexico in which they said they were ready to travel to Acapulcoa destination hit by Hurricane Otis and whose passage has so far left 43 dead and 36 missing, to be used as workers in the reconstruction of the affected municipalities in the state of Warrior.

The hundreds of migrants from countries like Colombia, Venezuela and Nicaragua showed their solidarity with the people of Mexico and in a meeting called by the organization People Without Borders They were ready to travel to the destroyed areas and offered “their manpower, effort, will and faith.”

Between the migrants there is bricklayers, construction masters, technicians, welders, mechanics and farmers which, they said, can be useful at this time for the people of Guerrero, who have suffered the onslaught of the hurricane that left human and material losses.

The offer came in the midst of intense rain in Tapachula caused by a tropical depression formed on Saturday afternoon in the Pacific. At night the migrants completed a vigil with prayers, candles and cards to show solidarity with the inhabitants of the state of Warrior.

The migrants carried out a type of registration to enlist and wait for the decision of the Mexican Government whether it agrees to transfer them from Tapachula to the state of Guerrero to start working.

The migrant from Guatemala, Yuris Yosaira Pastranowho is in Tapachula, said that given the opportunity to leave to go to Acapulco, she is willing to go to work and help the people of Mexico rebuild or whatever they are asked to do.

“We have to go to work and support Acapulco, there is the opportunity and we are going to support them, to show solidarity, to help them, because honestly here we are not doing anything, while they need our help, whatever they have us build, clean, exactly one help, we are willing to do it,” he told Efe.

The woman, who was a merchant in Honduras, asked the Mexican Government to provide them with what they needed: food, a roof and a document to be able to be in that state momentarily and then continue on their way to the United States.

While, Gerson Linaresa migrant from Guatemala, who is in Tapachula waiting to leave in a caravan on Monday, indicated that he can join the group of migrants willing to help in the state of Guerrero.

Linares momentarily changed his idea of ​​going to the northern border to help because he remembered that these disasters have happened in his country on several occasions.

“We have to help, Acapulco is very affected and this has also happened in my country and we have received help and the difference is that we are of different nationalities, but we are willing to support them. There are children and people suffering, we are humble people, we are suffering and we need the opportunity. We are going in the caravan, but we have the strength to go and help,” she expressed.

With information from EFE

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