Michelle Rodríguez assures that the actors deserve fair wages

A few weeks ago it emerged that the comedy series "40 and 20", where Michelle Rodríguez, Mónica Huarte, Jorge Van Rankin, Armando Hernández and Mauricio Garza participated, suddenly suspended the recordings of a new season despite the fact that the project had already earned its place in Televisa's night bar.

Although the cancellation of production left several people unemployed, the news became relevant after A version emerged where it was assured that it all started with the dismissal of the actress Michelle Rodríguez, who was allegedly thanked for requesting a salary increase.

And it is that by leaving the actress out of the cast, perhaps the series would no longer have been the same, since her character provided the degree of comedy that the story required.

During her participation in the radio program "Todo Para la Mujer", The host Shanik Berman assured that the entire team of “40 y 20” had come together to let Televisa know that if their salary was not increased, they would refuse to record.

I found out that Jorge 'El Burro Van Rankin' and the entire cast of '40 y 20', including Michelle Rodríguez, said they wanted their salaries raised, otherwise they wouldn't record. The whole cast joined in and they were like, 'Oh yeah? What do you think? There are no 40 and 20′ anymore,” she indicated.

Questioned about it, during the red carpet of the movie "Transformers: Rise of the Beasts", Michelle Rodriguez stated in front of the cameras and microphones of various media outlets assigned to cover the event, that the actors have the right to aspire to fair wages for the work performed on stage.

“I guess those things happen. One is sucking them up. I am faithful to my work, I am faithful to my commitment, that the opportunities are also fair is important. If it's for a salary thing, we deserve fair salaries, all of us. not just us“, he expressed.

According to the ratings that measure Televisa's programming, the series "40 y 20" was one of the company's most watched late-night comedy shows. and for this reason it had remained on the air for nine seasons. However, Until now no manager of San Angel He has explained why he stopped recording.

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