Michelle Renaud unleashes pregnancy rumors while wearing a tiny bikini in profile to the camera

michelle renaud is causing a stir on social networks, but this time it is not for posing with tiny bikinis as she did a few weeks ago from Italy, and it also has nothing to do with how in love she is, but for wearing a strange belly that aroused suspicions of a possible pregnancy.

The protagonist of successful telenovelas on Televisa such as ‘La Herencia’, ‘Hijas de la Luna’ and ‘La Reina Soy Yo’ continues unstoppable and after publishing a mysterious photograph in which she declared herself completely in love, she has once again given something to talk about show off in a bathing suit and reveal a belly that for many is their second pregnancy.

The images were published by the soap opera star through her official Instagram profile, where she shared a video in which she is seen helping a friend who decided to immerse herself in a tub with ice or the Wim Hof ​​method, which Michelle Renaud knows perfectly and that he has shared with other celebrities, as well as his little son Marcelo.

However, this time what ended up causing a stir was that in the recording of a few seconds the famous woman remained in profile to the camera, revealing her silhouette, and due to the tiny black bikini she is wearing speculation surrounding a pregnancy they did not wait.

In addition to receiving thousands of reactions in the form of a heart, she was repeatedly questioned if she is waiting for her second child, there was no shortage of those who assured it, arguing that she is characterized by wearing a flat abdomen, but in these images something strange was definitely noticeable. .

“Are you pregnant?”, “She’s pregnant!“,” It seems that she is pregnant because she has a super abdomen and something strange is formeda little brother for Marcelo”, “there’s a baby coming“, “She is pregnant”, wrote some users, mostly women.

This is how the 34-year-old actress once again placed herself under the spotlight for an issue that has to do with her personal life, for which she has not commented on it so far.

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