Michelle Couttolenc and Jaime Baksht revive the sounds of the disco Baby'O

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Their relationship goes back years and together they have formed a work partnership that has led them to live different film adventures, such as when they won the Oscar for Best Sound in 2019 for The sound of metalthese are the sound engineers Michelle Couttolenc and Jaime Baksht.

His work will be reflected again in several projects, such as a documentary about the famous Baby'O nightclub, by Emilio Maillé, Familythe new film by Rodrigo García, son of Gabriel García Márquez; The kitchen, by Alonso Ruizpalacios, starring Rooney Mara and the documentary about the latest album by the rock band San Pascualito Rey, Song that burns.

“We are just about to finish the sound of the documentary about Baby'O. It is a project that is super interesting. I didn't know that Michael Jackson, Bono from U2, Rod Stewart and a little before, Frank Sinatra had been there.

“That docu is going to be very cool, because there are anecdotes and Verónica Castro, Flans, Daniela Romo, Luis Miguel, among others, appear. What Emilio Maillé wants is for us to highlight all the music with the sound, as if it were playing at the Baby'O, for it to be an immersive experience,” he commented to Excelsior, Jaime Baksht.

After completing the sound mixing of the film about Baby'O, this creative duo will immerse themselves in the film by Rodrigo García, which was filmed last year in the Valle de Guadalupe and which includes Maribel Verdú among its cast, Daniel Giménez Cacho, Cassandra Ciangherotti, Ilse Salas and Natalia Solián.

“Next week we are going to start the movie. We are going to mix that one with Rodrigo, who lives in Los Angeles, and is going to go to Mexico so that we can work,” said Couttolenc, the first Mexican to win an Oscar in the category of Best Sound.

“The Oscar did influence why he decided to come make a film with us. We already knew each other, but the award totally reinforced the issue,” Baksht said. In addition to all the aforementioned projects, Couttolenc and his partner, who yesterday offered a talk with other Mexican Oscar winners within the framework of the third edition of Iberseries Platino, will soon premiere Song that burnsdocumentary directed by Yulene Olaizola, Rubén Imaz and Luis Flores Rábago, about the recording process of the album Everything brought us until today of the Mexican group San Pascualito Rey.

“There are some parts of the concert where our idea was to make you feel there, in the middle of one of the concerts. It was an incredible experience and the musicians went to see the finished film and they were happy, because they told us that it was better than the album, that it was like being in concert,” exclaimed Couttolenc, whose work can be seen on November 7.

As if this were not enough, the sound engineers also got involved in nomada science fiction production directed by Taron Lexton and starring Leo Woodall and Jordi Webber, as well as The kitchenthe new film by Alonso Ruizpalacios, starring Rooney Mara, which will premiere at the Berlinale.

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