Michael Bublé, a true showman

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Michael Bublé is one of those artists who has it all: charisma, charm and talent, so now that he has arrived in Mexico with a tour named HigherIt was to be expected that everything about that show would keep his fans in the clouds and with their emotions high, and so it did on his first night in the capital from the CDMX Arena.

At exactly 9:35 p.m., after a timer that indicated a countdown in which at the last minute Bublé appeared from a projection walking until he reached the front of the stage, adjusting his tie, the show started with a huge curtain that was raised little by little until revealing an entire orchestra placed on platforms on different floors and right in the middle of everyone the singer appeared to start his show with Feeling Goodone of the favorite covers of his entire career.

Yes, spirits were already high and after that powerful performance they only heated up more when the piano chords played the first notes of Haven't Met You Yetthe song of his authorship with which he conquered his Mexican fans.

Good night and welcome! My name is Michael Bublé, I am Miguel Burbuja”, the singer introduced himself in a hurried Spanish.

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“I am so happy to be here tonight with you, but very very happy because you know that Mexico is the best country in the world,” added the artist, who went one by one greeting some lucky fans.

“Oh, do you want a photo with me?” he asked after reading the request on a sign in the public. “Of course!” He responded, approaching to take a selfie with a fan and including the rest of the others who snuck in without hesitation. “Hello, nice to meet you, a pleasure,” he continued and then led to a night that he assured would not be a show, but a party with her family.

With hits like SEES ITSway, Everything, Home and his new theme Higher, The singer was in charge of setting the mood immediately and his performances, dances and games marked the moment of harmony, joy and seduction that would permeate throughout the entire evening.

For his special night like the artists of yesteryear, the singer wore a blue suit with a black shirt and tie, in addition to being accompanied by a live orchestra and a group of backup singers. Aware that behind a great artist there is also a great production, the performer also prepared pyrotechnics, waves of pieces of paper and visuals that exalted his numbers, which he accompanied with swinging steps, shaking hips and playing with the pedestal with which he made everyone go crazy. his audience, mostly women in their thirties who shouted at him non-stop.

I know that many of you see this singer Miguel Burbuja and automatically think of Christmas, but there is no Christmas tonight, there is no Santa Claus,” he announced, jokingly aware of the fame he has as one of the favorite Christmas songs.

But still, I have gifts for you, the gifts I bring are sexy because it's me and it's my music and I warn you that all of this will only get more hot", he announced, continuing with his joke and assuring that there would even be twerking at the end of the night and even some babies.

Their moment of passion and romance started at the rhythm of To Love Somebody and followed it with covers of classics that have positioned him as one of the most seductive voices in the guild with Me and Mrs. Jones, When, when, when and Fever.

His night continued with a section in which he shared that beyond the great figures that encompass the genre he performs such as the late Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra, there was a specific singer who inspired his career and with whom it all began and that was Elvis Presley, so he prepared a medley in his honor and with guitar in hand, pointed feet and a sign with his initials made up of yellow lights, just like the ones Elvis brought to his shows, the singer started his favorite set.

Hits of the king of rock and roll as Trouble, Burning Love and Can't Help Falling in Love With Youresonated throughout the place with Bublé singing perfectly, imitating his iconic dance steps and movements and even his seductive character, letting himself be loved by his fans, with whom he took advantage of the moment to let himself hug and take more photographs.

Delighted by the dedication, chemistry and camaraderie he experienced with his assistants, the Canadian said goodbye amid a cascade of pyrotechnics with a final set made up of Cry Me a River and Always On my Mind excited to meet this audience again with another date tomorrow and with the promise of returning to the capital very soon.

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