Mich Cid, the stepdaughter of a famous commentator who drives social networks crazy with her photos

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The Social networks went crazy with the photos of Mich Cida beautiful model who is the stepdaughter of a famous sports commentator of Mexican television, however, before this information about him became known, She drew powerful attention with her beauty. and way of posing so uninhibited.

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The beautiful Mich Cid, is the daughter of Lorena Cid, current wife of the famous commentator Eduardo 'Lalo' Trelleswho remains active on social networks, precisely in a program that he hosts with his spouse, called 'La Neta del Futbol with Lalo and Lorena'in which they analyze everything related to the weekly football day.

Even Before the fame of his mother and stepfather, Mich Cid already shared spectacular photos on his social networksgaining a large number of followers on Instagram and TikTok, gaining great popularity with his posts.


In addition to modeling, Mich Cid shows his dancing and acting skills in the photos and videos that he usually shares on his social networkspossessing a smile that usually captivates all her followers, in addition to his enormous charismawhich he knows how to exploit perfectly in each of his publications.

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Mich Cid is passionate about travel, with the beach being one of her favorite destinations in Mexico and around the world.taking advantage of the sea and its beautiful natural landscapes to take incredible photographs that will later be are appreciated by the majority of people who follow their content on social networks.

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