Mhoni Videntes horoscope for the week of November 21 to

Mhoni Vidente’s horoscope for the week of November 21 to 26, 2022

The horoscope of the week from the famous astrologer Mhoni Vidente tells your zodiac sign what the stars have in store for you from Monday 21 to Saturday 26 November 2022.


This week the tarot card “The Magician” tells us that it will be a few days of good fortune that you should take advantage of because your sign is going through abundance, that you will be able to solve problems from the past and start creating a better life.
This card from the “Wizard” tells you that it is important that your self-esteem is at the highest level and not to be influenced by toxic people around you and only listen to good advice.
In love, you will continue with people who are very compatible with you like a Capricorn, a Leo and a Libra, so don’t hesitate, let yourself be loved.
You receive your Christmas bonus and extra money, they invite you to a new project that will give you great satisfaction.
Your lucky day will be Tuesday, your magic numbers are 06 and 19, your color of prosperity is orange.


This week the tarot gave you the card “The Chariot” which means that it will be a few days to venture and take new leaps to prosperity, which the card tells you do not be afraid and do not give up, that already in this week Your reward will come, it is time to overcome obstacles and focus on moving forward, set small goals that you can achieve in a short time, review your bosses these days.
The invitation comes to you with a new love of the air sign that will be very compatible with you, be careful with diseases, learn to live healthier in your life
Your magical day is Friday, your lucky numbers are 03 and 22, your color of prosperity is red.


In the tarot card you got “Justice” which tells you that life is the sum of all your decisions, so you must learn more awareness and maturity of what you are going to be deciding in a matter of work and personal situation, that you do not rush and stop leaving the outbursts that only cause you problems with the people you love most.
It is time to solve ties from the past that do not let you face a better life, a week of hard work and conflicting energies, try not to argue with anyone.
You get extra money for a debt from the past, you make some changes to your physique to look your best, you decide to start a language course these days.
Your best day is Thursday, your color is blue, your magic numbers are 07 and 15.


In the tarot card you got “The Hermit” which means that everything has a beginning and an end and that you must take new directions on your path and make the decision to leave those people who do not let you move towards happiness. That is to say, and to see more for yourself and be a little selfish, that you put the self first in your existence and most importantly, be faithful to your convictions and way of being, that this will lead you to success.
Week of good news in a matter of new projects, you receive the invitation to go on a trip to go study in another country, be careful with love betrayals, take care that your sentimental partner does not hurt you, these are times of mental maturity.
Your lucky day is Monday, your lucky numbers are 01 and 33, your color is yellow and red.


In the tarot card you got “The Tower” which means that you will have the opportunity to further increase your heritage, but you do have to take care of your loved ones from family problems and be a little more reserved in what you want to do of your goals that envy will be surrounding you.
This letter also indicates the arrival of a new love that is very compatible with your way of being. That is, that you fall in love again.
He tries to get legal problems off your mind and already comes to a solution so that you are at peace. Busy week and last minute school assignments, so try to manage your time and start growing more professionally.
You will have a stroke of luck in games of chance with the numbers 09 and 21, your color is green and orange, your best day of the week is Wednesday.


In the tarot horoscope you got the card “The Wheel of Fortune” that tells you that the faster you accept what happened to you in the past, the sooner you can get out of negative situations, that is, stop feeling defenseless and face now the problems and solve them.
The tarot card tells you that it is time to have triumphs and successes in whatever you are doing in a matter of work and that the failures that you experienced in the past were lessons to have a better present. Do not doubt that these days a positive change will come into your life in everything you want to do.
Week of good news in a matter of love, the invitation of a new and compatible love comes to you. Decide to start your own business to have more income, try to take care of your family and always be aware of them in terms of health.
Your lucky numbers are 08 and 37, your color is white and green, your best day of the week is Thursday.


In the tarot you got the “Crazy” card, which means that you must open yourself up to all the new possibilities that you will have growing up, that you leave the indecisions and face those new challenges.
Be careful with the problems with your sentimental partner, because this card is also the card of loving betrayal or being unfaithful. It is better to make it clear what you want in your love life to be happy.
The “Crazy” card says to face life without prejudice and to be guided by your instincts that will help you succeed.
This week there will be some job changes, so get ready, that this job change is convenient for your sign.
You get extra money from commissions or bonuses, try to save and not spend so much.
Your lucky day is Thursday, your color is blue and green, your magic numbers are 02 and 23.


In the tarot card you got “The Hanged Man” which means that you feel trapped in situations that you do not want to live. That is, being in a job that you don’t like very much or being in a relationship that destroys you every day.
For this reason, this letter from the “Hanged Man” tells you that it is time to make drastic changes in your existence, I know that it will hurt to make decisions, but the best is yet to come in your future.
These are times to look after your health and well-being, so do not doubt that you have to resume exercise, eat healthier and above all see life with more enthusiasm.
Week of not getting into problems that are not yours; They invite you to a food or clothing business, accept it that you will do the best. A new love will come to stay in your life.
Your best day on Monday, your magic numbers 04 and 55, your color red and yellow.


In the tarot card you got “The Temperance”, which tells you that it is time to abandon negative customs and habits and say goodbye to everything that does not benefit you, that is to say that a positive change is coming and more, because it is your stage of birthday and that makes your positive energies one hundred percent.
This letter also tells you that you must trust, that you will be well protected from any situation of envy or spells that can be done against you. That is, Archangel Michael will be your guide these days.
Week of unexpected gifts that will give you great joy, they invite you to go on a trip, it will give you much satisfaction. A new love comes to give you peace and harmony in your life.
Your magical day is Monday, your lucky numbers are 10 and 12, your color of prosperity is green and red; They give you a pet and you will be very happy.


In the Tarot card you got “The Devil” that tells your sign to take care of hidden enemies. That is, from people who are very close to you and who really feel envy or anger at your good luck.
This letter recommends that you protect yourself from the domination or salivation spells that they can do against you. That is to say, light a white candle on November 21 and put on a lot of perfume before leaving home and above all not fall into such confidence with others. Be careful with the lies that you tell or are told, it is better to always tell the truth, even if it hurts.
A compatible love will continue in your life of the sign of Aries, Leo or Libra. Week of a lot of backlog and catching up. Try to take care of your belongings and your money because of the losses.
Your lucky numbers in the lottery are 13 and 30, your color is orange and blue, your magical day is Tuesday. You get the invitation to go on a trip soon.


In the tarot card you got “The Star”, which tells you that you will have good omens in your future, that you must learn to be constant in everything you are going to do and not let yourself be influenced by people who only want your positive energy.
Remember that the letter of “La Estrella” recommends you heal wounds from the past in love and learn from it and start from scratch in a new relationship, but it is essential to leave grudges behind. That is, I forgive, but I do not forget so that it does not happen to me again.
These are times of success at work, try to take better care of your health with back or hip problems, try to see your doctor. Heal your economy so you don’t have problems from the past. Week of work meetings and closure of projects, passport and American visa procedures.
Your best day Thursday, your color of prosperity green and blue, your lottery numbers 25 and 40.


In the tarot card you got “The Sun” which means that this week the darkness that reigned in your life will be left behind.
The “Sun” card will give you the opportunity to shine in personal and work matters. Do not be afraid of the radical changes that are coming in your life, what is coming is good fortune for your sign. Remember that life sometimes gives us a negative lesson and that helps us learn, these are times of spiritual growth.
The card of the “Sun” tells us that money and new projects will reign, that you are invited to work in another country or city, that you accept it, that you will do very well.
Week to recover your health and feel very encouraged to start a routine of exercise and good nutrition. Job meetings to change positions, buy a gift for someone very special, tax payment procedures.
Your magical day is Wednesday, your color of prosperity is yellow and blue, your lottery numbers are 18 and 25.

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