Mhoni Vidente explains the meaning of the most common earthly dreams


The meaning of the most common dreams will change in 2022, according to Mhoni Vidente.

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In 2022 the meaning of the most common dreams will change because it is a year of transformations, as the famous astrologer said. Mhoni Vidente, who revealed what some of the most earthly dreams people will experience in the coming months will symbolize.

What you dreamed of 2 years ago is not the same as what you are going to dream of this year 2022, which will be a year of reinventing yourself” he commented on a video he posted on his YouTube channel.

The psychic consulted with her oracles what the meaning of dreams is for this 2022, the year in which, she said, people could experience a rapprochement of reality with the dream world.

Dream of finding a treasure

Mhoni Vidente explained that this dream indicates that you must take care of your heritage and that you must make radical changes this year in work matters. “The treasury tells you that the money is going to arrive, but you have to take care of it more than before.”

Dream of having sex with a stranger

If you dream that you have sexual relations with someone who is not your partner, it represents complexes and traumas to express yourself towards others. “You bring something that limits you to be who you are” commented the astrologer.

dream of the sun

When you dream of the sun and you see that it hits you directly, it is a sign of good luck. “Your life will change for the better, a job offer, extra money.” The sun represents health, well-being, growth and improvement in all senses.

Dream of goldfish

It means that abundance and love will arrive in this 2022 “what you were wishing for will come into your life and there will be stability in love matters”. However, he commented that when you dream that you are fishing, it indicates that you should be careful with your assets or with theft.

Dream of rocking a cradle

According to Mhoni Seer, this dream means that you will have a calm life without ups and downs. “You are going to get rid of problems and lawsuits with your partner or with the family.” If you see the child inside the crib, it represents luck for the lottery or job changes.

Dream of the cross of Jesus

It represents victory, realization of projects, growth. “It is the sign that God gives you that you are on the right path and all the angels are helping you.” In contrast, if you see Jesus crucified it indicates suffering.

Dream of someone else’s house

When you dream that you enter a house that is not yours, the astrologer says that it means love breakups, betrayals or infidelities.

Dream of being chased

Those who dream that they are persecuted is because people are envious and angry at their success in any aspect of their lives. Mhoni Vidente recommended being more discreet or publishing their achievements.

Dream that you go back to school

According to the astrologer, this dream represents a person who does not want to mature and wants to live his life as he did in his childhood. “When you go back to the past, it’s because your mind doesn’t want to mature, it doesn’t want to face problems and it tells you that it’s time to grow up.”

dream with excrement

This type of dream represents luck and abundance when you are in the bathroom, but if the context is to clean the excrement or step on it, it is because someone is angry with you. “An ex-partner of yours or someone close to you in love matters.”

dream of giving birth

Women who experience these dreams will have a positive life change. “You are going to prosper more in all ways,” he emphasized.

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