Mhoni Seer’s horoscope for the weekend of May 27 to 29, 2022


the famous astrologer Mhoni Vidente tells you what awaits your zodiac sign this weekend. Find out what the stars have in store for you below:


Three days of great surprises for you and more in matters of love, remember that your sign is very attractive and charismatic, that makes your potential as a conqueror even more this weekend. Friday to go on a trip and visit your family. You make card payments and debts from your house. Try not to eat so much and stop anxiety, remember that you can control those nerves yourself and skip exercising. You are looking for a love from the past of the sign of Gemini or Aquarius who will want to commit to you.

Take care of back pain, try not to carry heavy things. Saturday to go out club and they invite you to a birthday. You buy clothes and decide to change your look. Try not to fight with your partner, remember that sometimes there will be good times and others not so good, be patient. Your lucky numbers are 32, 10 and your color of abundance is red.


Friday to be going on a trip for family reasons. Weekend of a lot of work and meetings with your superiors due to closing of the month or new projects. Remember that your temperament is very strong and that sometimes causes you to have problems with your colleagues and family, so learn to be more tolerant. Take care of an eye infection, try to always stay healthy.

They invite you to a pool party these days, you see that you are going to have a lot of fun. You have to organize your room and take out the things that are not useful. Your lucky number is 19, 77 and your color of abundance is strong blue. In love, a couple comes to you who is going to be very passionate, who is from the sign of Scorpio or Capricorn. These days beware of traffic problems or police trying to commit an infraction.


Lucky weekend for your Gemini friend sign and more because it’s your birthday. Remember that you are finally going to put aside everything that was not for you and above all a new love to surround your sentimental life. Receive gifts that you did not expect such as a perfume and underwear that you will like very much. Credit card payment procedures. They invite you to a picnic or to go on a trip.

You are very good at helping others and you always try to defend them, that’s why I recommend a law or nursing course. Be careful with the lawsuits in your house be calmer. Your lucky numbers are 04, 15. Remember that your best partner is Aquarius or Aries, with them you will feel very compatible.


Friday of many work commitments and last minute meetings for the end of the month. Weekend of being invited to all social events, remember that Cancer is the communicator and sociable and you are always the soul of the parties. He tries to take care of you from stomach or intestinal pain, tries to maintain a healthy diet. Try not to be distressed by problems that have not yet happened so try to relax.

You receive money that you did not expect for the sale of a car or a property. You buy a plane ticket to go on a trip in the summer months. They invite you to go to a club with your friends. Sunday to go for a walk and be in contact with nature that helps you a lot so that your energy multiplies more. Your lucky numbers are 11, 30 and your color of abundance is green.


Weekend of going on a trip and visiting your family. Remember that your sign is always dominated by being surrounded by loved ones to feel your best. Exam Friday and be in a refresher course for your career. Be careful with stomach problems, try not to eat a lot of spicy food and fat that hurts you.

They authorize a loan to start a business, remember that your sign always needs to be well in its economy, that is why it is recommended that you have two jobs. You talk to an ex-partner to settle grudges from the past. You buy clothes for your vacation this summer. Sunday of being surrounded by people who are very compatible with you and you will feel the best. They invite you to a wedding, you fix problems with your car and insurance. You will have a lucky break with the numbers 09, 21 and your lucky color is yellow.


Friday to be with all the good attitude and positive energies on your side. A relative proposes you to start a business on weekends. Remember that your sign always seeks to progress in your life and apart from that you are the pillar of your house so do it that fortune smiles on you. You are invited to several parties this weekend where you will be meeting new loves. Be careful with bone and hip problems, try not to do much heavy exercise until you feel better in health. They invite you out to celebrate a friend, just try not to drink too much alcohol. You finish doing your thesis and get your degree. You are already preparing your vacations and decide to go on a trip for a few days with your friends in the month of June. A relative is looking for you to invite you as best man to a wedding. You will have a stroke of luck with the number 08, 17 and your color is orange.


Friday to be with a lot of work and closing the month. Remember that your sign is very responsible, that’s why they don’t like to leave unfinished business, just be careful with gossip with your peers and try to stay out of everything. You get extra money and that will help you to go on vacation and visit your family. Remember that your sign is very humanistic and always looks out for the good of others, so try to enter a beneficial instruction.

Take care of skin problems now in this summer time use more sunscreen. An ex-partner is looking for you to return from the earth sign. You will have a stroke of luck with the numbers 29, 07 and love will come very strong without looking for it. The compatible signs for you are Aries and Cancer. You buy furniture for your house online.


You do some medical tests and everything will turn out for the best. Remember that your problems are your nerves and your temperament so try to relax and exercise more. Friday to be at peace with yourself and seek solutions to the problems that you have around you. Remember that your sign always seeks to turn solutions around, but it is time to mature and fix your personal affairs. Your friends are looking for you to go to a show and sporting event.

You are a very dreamy Scorpio and that means that you are always looking for how to be happy because in this month of June what you have been waiting for so much will come to you: a love that is very compatible with you. Your relatives are looking for you to invite you to a picnic. You will have a stroke of luck with the numbers 07, 22, and your color purple. Remember that your sign is always looking for sexual passion in your life and that is why you always have more than two partners at the same time.


Friday to be with a lot of work and exams of your university career, try to organize your time better. These days try not to give opinions on labor meetings to avoid problems. Your sign always seeks to be with your partner and family to vibrate to a better spiritual elevation. Try not to eat too much this weekend and continue exercising.

You buy clothes and decide to change your look. Saturday to take a swimming course. Don’t be so spiteful Sagittarius anymore, you need to close that past and fall in love again. Sunday to be analyzing a change of house, that will help your mentality to be at a higher level. You will have a stroke of luck with the numbers 13, 40 and your strong blue color.


Lucky weekend in your life. The opportunity for job and economic growth will come to you, try not to comment on your future projects so that they do not come out. Remember that your sign always needs someone else to support you in order to grow professionally and these days a very important person is going to offer you a good project. Beware of throat and kidney infections, try to go to your doctor.

Remember to make your feelings clear and not to be playing with two loves at the same time, I know that your sign is very sexual, but you have to have a stable relationship. And your compatibility is Aries and Virgo. You buy clothes online and decide to make changes to your personality and dress in the best. You will have a stroke of luck with the lucky numbers 16, 30. Your colors are red and yellow. Days to prepare a trip for the month of June with your family. You trade in your car for a more recent one. Holidays and a lot of coexistence with friends.


Lucky Friday for your sign in matters of gambling with the magic numbers 15 and 21 and try to use more white and green for abundance. Friday to close the contracts that you had in plans, but remember that you always need to manage your money and try to spend only what is necessary. You pay off some credit card debt. You are very good at making friends, so this weekend you will be full of parties and with a lot of coexistence. You are very stubborn in love matters and sometimes that love is not for you.

You buy a newer cell phone. You change your attitude towards your family and you will be with more coexistence with them. You are very good at creating and designing, so try to take a course so that it can help you achieve more professionally. Try not to get into problems that are not yours.


Friday lucky day in work matters and start a new personal business project. Remember that you always need to be achieving your professional and economic goals and this is your moment when the stars are in your favor. A new love comes to you and it will be from the sign of Cancer or Libra, so try to let yourself fall in love and be happy.

They invite you to go to the beach, but remember to plan your vacation well so you don’t have any setbacks. Take care of back pain and skin infection, try not to get too much sun. You will have a hit with the numbers 18, 29 and use more the color of abundance light blue and green. A love from the past is going to look for you to return, try to close circles and advance in your personal life. Pisces who are married get pregnant at the door.

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