Mhoni Seer’s horoscope for the weekend of April 22 to 24, 2022


the famous astrologer Mhoni Vidente tells you what awaits your zodiac sign this weekend. Find out what the stars have in store for you below:


Weekend to make firm decisions in your personal life. Remember that your sign is going to be going through strong energies found in your love life, so try to analyze well what is best for your life and make the decision with which partner to stay with to be happy. That your most compatible signs are going to be Capricorn, Gemini and Leo.

Friday of work meetings to rearrange your projects. Try to de-stress and focus on what you need to perform and be successful. You make a few payments on your credit card. Receive an invitation to go on a trip these days. Try to take care of envy and the evil eye, remember that your sign will always shine and that annoys others. Be more careful with your spending. Your lucky break will be with the numbers 02, 44. Sunday to go out with your friends or family to a barbecue or party.


Three days of celebrating your birthday and positive energies will be stronger in your life to have more abundance. This Friday you will have work luck and the application you make will take effect, so do not hesitate and decide to be a winner. Take care of legal problems. Try to solve everything at the time. A love from the past is looking for you to talk, remember that we all make mistakes and it is good to ratify your decisions.

You get a dental checkup. You fix your car and decide to trade it in for a newer one. Be careful with your character, it is better not to give your opinion and stay out of complicated situations. Saturday and Sunday to visit with your family. You clean out your closet. Start an exercise and diet routine to look your best. Your lucky numbers are going to be 05, 18 and try to play it on Sunday.


Friday to be with many work pressures. Remember that your sign is very apprehensive and it is hard for him to get rid of complicated situations, so I recommend that you analyze everything he has in plans well and do not get upset in the discussions. Remember that Geminis will always emerge victorious from any problem. Take care of skin problems or try not to do any cosmetic treatment so you don’t have complications.

Extra money comes to you thanks to your lucky numbers that are 07, 88 and try to play it these days. You buy clothes and decide to change the look. Try to take better care of your money and do not buy things that you are not going to use. Saturday and Sunday to take a language course. He decides to get a tattoo. Don’t eat because of nerves anymore, it’s a little more controlled with your diet.


Weekend of being with a lot of positive energies around you to start that business you have planned for the weekends. Beware of theft, try not to lend your credit card or cash. A friend is looking for you to invite you to go on vacation these days. Don’t fight with your partner anymore, try not to invent jealousy and enjoy love more. For Cancers who are single, a new and passionate love of the sign of Sagittarius or Pisces will come to them that will be very compatible with your sign.

Resolve a legal situation in your favor. You change the deeds of your house. Do not look for what you need in other people, try to support yourself in your family and your partner that they will always see the best for you. Your lucky numbers are 03, 29 and a money hit is coming your way on Sunday.


Friday of complications in your work is going to be a day of very unsettled energies, so it is recommended that you do not try to make any job changes and not take out any credit until this day is over. Remember that your sign is governed by Fire and that makes you very sensitive to everything around you. You make some changes in your house and room to feel more comfortable in your home. Your parents are looking for you to invite you to a family party. Try not to help everyone because after they see your face it is better to really help them, they will reciprocate with you.

You will have a stroke of luck with the numbers 17, 30 and try to play it this Saturday that good luck will be on your side. Continue with the exercise and diet, try not to drink too much alcohol and eat in excess so that later you do not have fat problems. New and passionate loves are looking for you and your compatibility will be Aquarius and Gemini.


Friday day that your sign is filled with good news that the positive energies of your life are going to be completely renewed. You get a gift that you did not expect from a new love. Receive the news that a relative is going to invite you as best man to his wedding. Don’t look for excuses where there aren’t any, let yourself be loved, it’s time to fall in love again. That your most compatible signs are going to be Aries, Cancer and Virgo.

You are looking for a lawyer to fix property or car issues. Get some extra lottery money with the numbers 12, 35 and try to play it this Sunday. Be careful what you are going to eat this weekend, remember that one of the weak points is the stomach, so try to be more careful. You decide to change your cell phone plan for a cheaper one.


Weekend of good luck in your life and above all to reinvent yourself in love. Try to pay off your credit card debt so you don’t have problems in your future. Don’t tell anyone about your problems anymore, remember that many are happy when things go wrong for you, so try to be more discreet.

This Friday you will have to buy clothes and change the look. Try to remember not to be so impulsive and angry in your work, remember that the one who gets angry loses. Try or learn to be more aware of what you say to others. Try to go out this weekend for a walk and get some fresh air so that your positive energy multiplies. A friend is falling in love with you is of the sign Pisces or Taurus. He tries to clarify the situation and not play with the feelings of others. You will have a stroke of luck with the numbers 19, 23. Beware of problems with your neighbors.


Friday day to be very positive and with all the energy to get ahead. They invite you to go on a trip in the coming days. Try not to fall in love so much if you just met your partner. Remember that trust is earned over time so calm down in your love relationships. Weekend to fix your house and buy furniture.

In this weekend of great passion with new loves, remember that scorpions are the sexual of the zodiac. Do not lend money learn to say no so that they do not steal your luck. A stroke of luck comes to you with the numbers 31, 47. She tries not to lie under any circumstances because sooner or later the truth comes out. He decides to start a business on weekends to earn extra money. Be careful with the courage of a past love trying to stay in peace.


Weekend to carry out everything you have in mind and your desire to succeed is more decisive and not get tired of doing your job. Above all, they are the best lovers of the zodiac, which is why they almost always have more than one partner at a time. They are very territorial, that is, unfaithful by nature. Weekend of being with a lot of work and pending, try to organize your time more and not stay without doing all your tasks. You get extra money for a job.

Saturday to go out with your partner to dinner. You will have a lucky day on Sunday with the numbers 09, 28. You are going to be a little thoughtful about a love from the past, remember that your sign is very proud and almost never comes back, so fill yourself with positive energies and get to know more compatible people that this weekend you will have new loves from the sign of Leo and Aries.


Weekend to remember someone who is no longer with you and that love that left, remember that your sign is very sensitive in that regard so try to occupy your mind and go out with friends so that feeling of loneliness goes away. your life. A love of the sign of Aries or Virgo will be looking for you to go out for a walk.

Friday to be very lucky in everything related to games of chance with the numbers 21, 30. Procedures for a credit to buy clothes and remember to only buy what you need and try to continue saving. You will know of an operation of a family member that you will be giving all your moral support. Remember that your sign is very intense and always wants everything very quickly, try to give yourself time in business matters and your work that these days you will have your reward.


Friday day of a lot of work in your office and to be closing some contracts. You send your car to be fixed and you decide to clean it well of everything. Remember that Aquarians love everything related to the automotive industry, so I recommend you start a business of this type. A friend is looking for you to ask you for sentimental advice. You buy clothes and change your look. Receive the invitation to go on a trip abroad these days.

Be careful with alcohol or spicy because your stomach will be very delicate. Try to continue with the exercise that everyone already notices your improvement. You give advice to a friend who is gay. You will have a stroke of luck with the numbers 13, 40. Remember that problems are solved at the right time, not before so that you do not live stressed.


Weekend of being very thoughtful about personal issues and sometimes your character of controlling others makes you have love problems. Try to change that attitude and it is worth asking for forgiveness from whomever you offend. Remember that your sign has to live in peace. You send to fix your car and you buy some tires to go on a trip.

Arrange passport and visa papers. A love of the sign of Cancer or Scorpio will be looking for you to return, you try to give yourself time in love and choose the best person. It is going to be a very long weekend full of activities, just remember to give yourself time for everything you have planned. A stroke of luck comes to you with the numbers 06, 50. You prepare a change of house these days. You have a wristwatch fixed. Remember that your mom needs your support and it’s time to give it to her.

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