MH requests security and road operations for the closure of L1

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Mayor Miguel Hidalgo requested that the Government of Mexico City provide the Passenger Transportation Network Support Service (RTP) that will replace Metro Line 1 on the Isabel La Católica to Observatorio section is accompanied by a road and security operation.

Mayor, Mauricio Tabeindicated that most of the roads where RTP buses will circulate are within the territory of Miguel Hidalgowhich will affect the neighbors.

He said that it is necessary for the Support Service to consider safety measures mitigation to traffic congestion and a permanent security operation to inhibit assaults on drivers while they are stopped in traffic.

“The request we make is to reinforce traffic operations in the area and reinforce security (…) the residents of Miguel Hidalgo will suffer these effects and we require the necessary mitigations that compensate for these grievances and also help us avoid the risks that road congestion implies for security in the area,” he said.

At a press conference, Tabe pointed out Tacubaya as one of the points red due to the number of people who pass through it daily, which helps its crime rate to rise.

“The greater the traffic and the greater the influx, the greater the risk and the greater the need for both elements and public works and lighting measures to reduce risks and improve security in the area,” he said.

And he made it known that the Government central reported that they will carry out mitigation works in streets surrounding the Alameda Tacubaya and Peña Manterola Market where provisional RTP stops were installed.

He indicated that he will request a table of job to review the necessary mitigation works.


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