Mexico wins gold medal in the women's marathon at the 2023 Pan American Games

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The Mexican Citlali Cristian Moscote won the gold medal in the Women's Marathon event of the Pan American Games Santiago 2023this in a competition held on the morning of Sunday, October 22, on the second day of activities of the continental fair.

Citlali Moscote She completed the route in a time of 2 hours 27 minutes and 12 seconds to set a new Pan American record, dethroning the 2 hours 30 minutes of the Peruvian Gladys Tejeda achieved in 2019.

The Argentine Florencia Borelli took the silver just 17 tenths of a second behind what the Mexican did on the first day of athletics activities, becoming the first Argentine to reach the podium in the Pan American Games within the marathon event. The bronze remained in the hands of Gladys Tejeda, who saw her continental record fall.

Citlali, 28 years old and originally from Jalisco, was the first Mexican to qualify for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games when at the beginning of this year she finished fourth in the Seville Marathon, Spain, ensuring her ticket to the capital next year. French. Now, in the Chilean capital, she began to make a difference from the first five kilometers when she achieved a 27-second advantage over Borelli. From there the fight was closed, crossing in a tie at 15 kilometers with 50 minutes and 30 seconds for each one.

The second part of the marathon was an exchange of leadership between the Mexican and the Argentine. At kilometer 20 the South American led by only one hundredth of a second, while with 35 kilometers into the route the difference was only two tenths. Facing the last two kilometers, Florencia Borelli crossed in first with only four hundredths in her favor, but this was reversed in the final meters.

Moscote's gold becomes medal 13, seventh gold, for the Mexican delegation that woke up on the second day of activities with second position on the board, behind the United States.

The Mexican Risper Biyaki She finished in sixth position, five seconds ahead of the winner.

Men's marathon results, Mexico with a top 10

In the men's category, the victory went to the Peruvian Cristhian Pacheco who won with a time of 2 hours, 11 minutes and 14 seconds, in what was the Peruvian's second consecutive victory in the continental event.

The silver went to the Chilean Hugo Catrileo with 2h12.07 followed by the Peruvian Luis Fernando Ostos.

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The Mexican Patricio Castillo finished in eighth position with a difference of 8.52 seconds compared to the winner. Hesiquio Flores finished eleventh, crossing the finish line 15 seconds behind Pacheco.

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