Mexico will receive insurance of one billion pesos; technical evaluation is expected

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The Secretary of Finance expects to receive the catastrophic bond in four months to remedy the damage caused by the hurricane Otisin Guerrero.

According to Gabriel Yorio, Undersecretary of the Treasury, close to 60 million dollars (more than one billion pesos) will be received from this bonus, but a technical evaluation must be awaited.

We have to wait for an international opinion that finalizes the figures on the magnitude of the hurricane, something like that will take about four months… it would be around 60 million dollars that would give us coverage,” he said after participating in the Annual Sustainable Finance Forum. Mexico 2023.

Yorio explained that, in addition to the international ruling that finalizes the figures of the magnitude of the hurricane, we must wait for the statement of a third party that says that that was indeed the magnitude and, with this, the Ministry of Finance will now be able to access the resources. of the catastrophic bonus in the element of hurricanes that hit the Pacific.

The last time the catastrophic bonus was activated, it took almost four months, between which they ruled and disbursed the resources,” he acknowledged.

He explained that for the catastrophic bonus to be activated, the magnitude of the hurricane and the intensity of the damage in the geographical area are evaluated.

The activation of the catastrophic bonus has four elements: hurricanes in the Pacific and Atlantic areas; low-intensity earthquakes and high-intensity earthquakes, then it is also considered within the Pacific hurricanes.”

It should be remembered that the Mexican government has financial coverage that provides complementary resources to address severe events.

According to the data released by the Treasury, a catastrophe insurance policy has been contracted with an insured sum of 5 billion pesos to address damages to the health, road, educational, hydraulic, housing and urban sectors.

There is also a catastrophe bond that offers coverage of up to $485 million, which is activated depending on the level of severity in cases of hurricanes and earthquakes.

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According to the Undersecretary of the Treasury, the government is waiting for the resources from the bond, since amounts are already being channeled to help the reconstruction plan in Acapulco and Coyuca de Benítez.

We are not waiting for them to give us the resources for the catastrophic bond, that would only offset the cash flow that we will use to finance the recovery of the state of Guerrero after the hurricane Otis", said.

He added that if they take the four months that are expected, “they would be giving us the resources for the next fiscal year. By then, we had already opened Guerrero's economy as proposed by the president (Andrés Manuel López Obrador),” the official confided.


The governor of Guerrero, Evelyn Salgado, reported on the progress in collecting garbage, solid waste and debris left by the hurricane. Otis In Acapulco.

The state government is in charge of six of the 14 areas that make up the port. Cleaning in the other eight areas is the responsibility of the municipality and the federal government.

In zone 1, 3.5 kilometers of roads have been cleaned; 630 tons have been collected. In zone 2, 3,427 tons have been collected. In Zone 3, 4,904 tons have been collected, equivalent to 613 tons per day.

In Zone 4, the collection of 3 tons of garbage has been achieved. In what corresponds to Zone 5, around 13,621 tons have been allowed to be collected. In Zone 6, an approximate daily collection of 2,428 tons of garbage is maintained, with a total collection of 27,669.

The government of Guerrero reported that, with these actions, the government of Evelyn Salgado addresses this area of ​​public cleaning in Acapulco, to safeguard the health of the population affected by the hurricane. Otis.


The data on the cleaning of the port was released by the state government, the same day that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador visited the area.

Today we welcome back in Acapulco our president @lopezobrador_, who through all the secretariats of the @GobiernoMX continues to demonstrate his constant commitment and unwavering support to the families affected by the hurricane Otis“, the governor published on her X account.

It is the fifth meeting that the president has held with Guerrero officials to evaluate the actions taken following the impact of the meteor, which occurred on October 24.

-Hector Figueroa


He Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (Imco) estimated that up to 7 out of every ten basic education students in Guerrero are at risk of academic lag due to the hurricane Otis.

Although the Secretary of Education of Guerrero reports damage to 369 compulsory education schools affected by the hurricane, the Imco highlighted that these reports refer only to Acapulco and Coyuca de Benítez, which cover 2 of the 46 municipalities initially indicated. as a disaster zone.

He announced that there are 625 thousand students, 38 thousand teachers and 7 thousand 498 compulsory education schools that will be affected by the closure due to the emergency.

The situation in Guerrero is particularly worrying due to the conditions preceding the passage of the hurricane Otis with the still palpable consequences of the catastrophic events of the 2017 earthquakes and the 2020 pandemic,” he warned.

Guerrero is the third entity with the lowest average schooling, because while the average schooling nationwide is 9.7 years, the average student in Guerrero has 7.6 years of education, which is equivalent to finishing first in high school.

Among the schools that were affected by the impact of the meteor, is the Manuel Ávila Camacho primary school. Photo: Cuartoscuro

Furthermore, almost 10% of children and young people between 3 and 14 years old who live in the state do not attend school, and for every 100 inhabitants aged 15 years and over, there are 12 who do not have any level of schooling, while only 16 finish higher education.

Although attention to emotional health must be a priority, as mentioned by the Secretary of Education, Leticia Ramírez, the prolonged closure of schools during past crises left a forceful lesson about the detrimental impact it has on the training and learning of students. students,” he warned.

The World Bank has already indicated that an average student who leaves classes for prolonged periods could lose 8% of their future annual income, equivalent to one month's salary a year for the rest of their productive life.

The first step to prevent the educational consequences from worsening is to have an accurate account of the reality of 7,500 schools in the municipalities affected by the hurricane. Collaboration between the government, non-governmental organizations and the community in general will be key to overcoming these obstacles in the short and long term,” he stated.

-Laura Toribio


Three weeks after the impact of the hurricane Otisthe personnel of the Mexican Army, Air Force and National Guard have distributed 428 thousand 188 food supplies and two million 252 thousand 415 liters of water.

In a balance of the DN-III-E and GN-A plans, it was reported that 29,502 basic baskets and 5,960 household items have also been delivered to the affected families, detailed the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena).

Military personnel and national guards operate five mobile kitchens and 13 community kitchens, where 622,092 servings of hot food have been prepared and delivered; in addition to 105 tons 668 kilos of tortilla.

With tanker trucks, 21 million 296 thousand liters of water have been delivered to popular neighborhoods in Acapulco, he indicated.

In addition, 14 water treatment plants delivered 105,900 liters of water last Tuesday, for a cumulative total of 1,781,240 liters.

The Sedena Health Service personnel have provided 8,771 medical consultations.

He added that with 21 heavy machinery vehicles for removing mud and debris, and 151 chainsaws in operation, they have cleaned 122.2 kilometers of roads.

-David Vicenteno

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