Mexico will begin its path to the first Women's Gold Cup against Puerto Rico

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The The Mexican Futbol selection will receive the Puerto Rican this Friday as both teams begin their journey to qualify for the first Women's Gold Cup of history.

In it Aztec stadiumhome of two finals of the men's World Cup, the teams will debut on the first day of group A of League A of the qualifiers for the regional tournament, which will be played in 2024.

Mexico, led by the Spanish Pedro Lopezarrives as a favorite to take first place in the sector, which also includes Trinidad and Tobago, and keep the direct ticket to the Gold Cup.

López chose his base of players who have accompanied him in his process, which began in September 2022, in which the captain stands out Kenti Roblesfull back for Real Madrid, and Charlyn Corralforward of the Tuzas del Pachuca.

Furthermore, the Iberian strategist achieved the return of one of his most disruptive footballers, Scarlett CamberosAngel City attacker, who left Mexico last March after being digitally harassed by José Andrés Martínez Hernández, arrested in July.

Scarlett Camberos.

With their stellar team, the Mexicans, who this year won the Revelations Cup and the gold medal in the Central American and Caribbean Gamesthe first titles in López's management, will challenge some Puerto Ricans who this year remained in the first round of San Salvador 2023.

The Caribbean teams do not have a league as established as the Mexican one, founded in 2017, and are located in 103rd place in the FIFA ranking, while the Tricolor are 36th, the third best team in Concacaf, only behind of the powers of Canada and the United States.

On this FIFA date, in addition to Puerto Rico, Mexico will receive next Tuesday Trinidad and Tobagoon the second day of group A, while Puerto Rico will once again have activity in the qualifiers until October.

League A distributes three direct tickets to the Group Stage of the Gold Cup for the first places in each of the three sectors, while the second places will play a preliminary round.

Itzel Gonzalez
Anika Rodriguez
Greta Espinoza
Cristina Ferral
Kenti Robles
Natalia Mauelon
Alexia Delgado
Carolina Jaramillo
Scarlett Camberos
Charlyn Corral
Maria Sanchez
DT: Pedro López

Puerto Rico
Sydney Martinez
Isabel Martinez
Amber Diorio
Ariana Paez
Idelys Vazquez
Madison Cox
Josephine Cotto
Olivia Bevilacqua
Jillienne Aguilera
Gloria Douglas
Cristina Torres
Coach: Nathaniel González

(With information from EFE)

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