Mexico, trapped between its politics and its northern neighbor 2023/10/03

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Mexico is advancing in its electoral process, which today has two candidates for the Presidency of the Republic, Xóchitl Gálvez for the Frente Amplio por México, and Claudia Sheinbaum for the Morena, PVEM and PT coalition. It will not be until next January when we find out about the third candidate who will emerge from the Citizen Movement, whether his name is Marcelo Ebrard, Samuel García or some other militant.

On the other hand, our neighbor to the north is also in a pre-electoral process, which, like Mexico, will elect a new President and part of its Legislative Branch in 2024; From what we have seen in the North American media and surveys, everything indicates that the Republicans could take the Presidency of that country, as well as a large part of Congress.

The main opposition candidate is former President Donald Trump, accused of false statements, conspiracy, electoral fraud, being the intellectual author of the assault on the Capitol, presentation of false documents, falsifying business records about secret payments to an adult film star, among others. much others. Trump even turned himself in at a Fulton County jail in the state of Georgia and was booked; Hours later he was released on bail.

Far from damaging it in the media, it seems that these types of actions are attractive to an important part of the country and strengthen its image; We see this reflected in different surveys, even challenging the authorities by carrying a weapon publicly in South Carolina knowing that, being in the middle of a judicial process, it is illegal. Let us remember that the United States is not Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Miami and San Francisco, but rather it is full of states where their municipalities are racist, ultra-conservative and ignorant, places that strengthen the radicalism and madness of Donald Trump.

On the other hand, there is the governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, who became publicly famous for his anti-immigrant policies such as the illegality of transporting an undocumented person; That is, if a transportation platform or taxi worker provides his or her service to someone who entered the state illegally, he or she could face a sentence of five years in prison or a fine of five thousand dollars. Apparently he would propose this law at the national level, if he won the Presidency. So much for the madness and occurrences of these characters, especially in a country that was built from the work and effort of European, Mexican and Latin American migrants.

Unfortunately, on the Democrats' side, the first option they have is Joe Biden, a president who at times appears erratic. The results of a survey carried out by BBC News in London showed that the American people are concerned about their physical and mental state; which reports that 59% of those surveyed have serious doubts about Biden's ability to assume a second term at 82 years of age, since, since his inauguration in 2021, he was the oldest president to take office. possession.

Returning to the Republican Party, one of the most relevant moments to define its candidate will be November 8, the day on which the last debate between its candidates will take place, which will be based in Miami, Florida, the state governed by Ron DeSantis and possibly that date gives more clarity as to who would emerge as his next standard bearer. Let us remember that Donald Trump has not attended any of these exercises and that the laws of the United States allow him to compete, even to be president while pending justice.

Thus, the candidates who will govern the United States from 2024 to 2028, which does not look good for our country, since the electoral process will lead to the radicalization of both parties, from immigration to the global economy. So let's prepare to experience two possibly historic processes; ours that appears to radicalize Mexicans more instead of unifying them and the North American that has great economic and migratory influence in our country. Good luck to everyone next year and fasten your seatbelts.

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