Mexico time change 2023: the best memes

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This Sunday, Mexicans They found themselves again with the time changewhich caused the usual confusion between electronic devices and analog watches. Despite the elimination of daylight saving time in October 2022, the Automatic configuration of devices still causes these temporary mismatches. The situation did not go unnoticed on social networks, where users expressed their confusion and shared memes on the subject.

This episode of time change in Mexico, which affects the perception of time, is a repetition of what happened in April when the change to daylight saving time was scheduledwhich was officially repealed in October 2022. The elimination of daylight saving time was carried out to protect the health of the population and simplify the timetable system in the country.

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According to the Ministry of Energy of the Government of Mexico, with the entry into force of the Decree in October 2022, the national territory began to have a standard time that will be established according to the time zones, eliminating the need to make seasonal changes. This means that no schedule adjustments are necessary for people residing in the central states of the country.

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However, for those who They live on the border with the United States, the time change still applies, and they must reconfigure their devices to match local time in the United States. This schedule adjustment will remain in place until November 5.

In which municipalities in Mexico does the time change apply in November?

In accordance with the Time Zone Law in the United Mexican States, published in the Official Gazette of the Federationthe municipalities where the time change continues to apply in November are the following:

  • Coahuila: Acuña, Allende, Guerrero, Hidalgo, Jiménez, Morelos, Nava, Ocampo, Piedras Negras, Villa Unión and Zaragoza, Coahuila.
  • New Lion: Anahuac.
  • Tamaulipas: Nuevo Laredo, Guerrero, Mier, Miguel Alemán, Camargo, Gustavo Díaz Ordaz, Reynosa, Río Bravo, Valle Hermoso and Matamoros.
  • Baja California: Coyame de Sotol, Ojinga, Manuel Benavides, Janos, Ascención, Juárez, Praxedis G., Guerrero and Guadalupe.

This seasonal schedule of the northern border strip takes effect from two hours on the second Sunday in March and concludes at two hours on the first Sunday in Novemberfollowing the established rules.

Despite the elimination of daylight saving time and the simplification of schedules in much of the country, the time change on the border with the United States continues to be a reality that affects residents in those municipalities. Confusion persists due to the automatic configuration of devices, which does not always reflect the reality of the time in Mexico.

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As Mexicans and residents of the border strip They get used to time changes and the particularities of their areait is important to be aware of the dates and necessary settings to avoid synchronization problems and ensure that the time on your devices matches the local time.

Despite occasional confusion, the elimination of daylight saving time has simplified the time system in Mexico, and most people in the country no longer have to worry about making adjustments to their watches and electronic devices. This contributes to greater stability and predictability in the organization of daily activities, regardless of the season of the year.


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