Mexico, the country with terrorist attacks that are not terrorists!

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Raúl Flores Martínez.

Organized crime attacks against law enforcement or Armed Forces are nothing more than terrorist attacks due to the use of latest generation weapons and explosives; However, the Fourth Transformation Government is afraid to use the word “terrorist.”

I don't know yet, the fear of using the phrase of terrorist attacks, perhaps due to the ignorance of some officials who do not have a police career and are only appointed by cronies or favors to pay for being professional licks.

Taking into account the words of security expert Facundo Rosas, who worked at the Center for Research and National Security (CISEN), in addition to being the general director of terrorism of the Federal Preventive Police, “a terrorist act does not happen at random, "Everything has a logic and although these acts returned to Mexico after many years to cause fear and anxiety, they differ from those that happen in other countries because their main objective is not to harm the civilian population but rather their direct adversaries."

This also applies to criminal groups that frequently dispute illicit markets and territories through confrontations in the streets in broad daylight or on the highways, where they hijack tractor-trailers and passenger buses that are set on fire to stop the advance of criminals. law enforcement.

Something that should draw attention is that despite the violent events generated by organized crime in recent decades in Mexico, only about 50 judicial processes that should be classified as terrorism are taken into account by judges as organized crime for which they carry sentences of 10 years or more.

Although the Federal Government authorities refuse to call a spade a spade, it is a reality that for strategic and legal reasons, the arrests of leaders of criminal groups have unleashed terrorist acts in the country.

A clear example of the terrorist acts of organized crime occurred for three days in a row (October 25, 26 and 27) after the passage of Hurricane Otis with the robbery of department or convenience stores, as well as in the supply chain and all elements that participate in it, including the mobilization of merchandise.

This is how terrorism is classified in Mexico; However, judges and public ministries, especially the authorities, are afraid of the word “terrorism”, something that organized crime applies daily, which has already surpassed some authorities in the country.

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