Mexico suspends summit of the Pacific Alliance | News

The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, confirmed this Tuesday that the Pacific Alliance summit scheduled for this Friday in the country is suspended due to the refusal of the Peruvian Congress to allow the attendance of President Pedro Castillo.


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“The meeting of the Pacific Alliance was suspended because the president of Peru was not allowed to attend and he is responsible for the presidency (of the organization), he was going to receive it here, and we are exploring the possibility of holding an act in Peru,” he declared. López Obrador in his daily press conference.

He reported that the possibility of holding an event in Peru in December or “making a decision” is being evaluated, as agreed by the members of the Alliance.

“It is probable that we can go to have the meeting there in December, in the first week,” said the president.

Despite the suspension of the summit, the Mexican president confirmed the visit of the other member presidents, the Chilean Gabriel Boric, and the Colombian Gustavo Petro, as well as the Ecuadorian ruler, Guillermo Lasso, who seeks to join the trade bloc.

The Pacific Alliance was born as an economic and development initiative between four Latin American nations: Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. From that moment to date, the Alliance has become the axis of a new way of doing business on the continent.