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Spain Under 21 completed his preparation this Tuesday with a view to the European category with a 1-1 draw against Mexico Sub 23, after the goals of Fidel Ambriz in the 12th minute and Aimar Oroz in the 18th, a meeting in which the Spanish coach, santi deniahe gave minutes to all his players except the recently incorporated Sergio Gomez and the goalkeeper Leo Roman.

Despite having the majority of players in the expansion leaguethe Mexican team showed from the beginning that they came to Madrid to compete. Of course, without imposing, like Spain, a high rhythm, but taking advantage of their virtues to do harm.

Those of Santi Denia suffered in the aerial game. It was already seen in minute two when Eduardo Agila he finished off falsely and ten years later the goal ended up coming from Fidel Ambriz, Mexican captainwho took advantage of an oversight in the brand of Manu S√°nchez and Abel Ruiz in a corner kick to get ahead at the near post and make it 0-1.

The '5' from Mexico was one of the best of his own and he exuded confidence, as he demonstrated in a shot from midfield that went to the goal and was blocked Arnau Tenas with difficulty.

Yes indeed, Spain took the blow well of the amount received and it only took six minutes to equalize. Abel Ruiz, who was not successful in the definition, without being able to specify the three shots he had inside the area, held the ball well from behind after a high steal from those of santi denia and gave him the ball for the entry of Aimar Oroz, who did not forgive before the goalkeeper Fernando Tapia.

Minute 18 and the score reflected a 1-1 that Abel Ruiz in his auctions he could not break, nor did a Ettson Ayon that in minute 33 he sent a shot from inside the area deflected.

After the break, santi denia renewed the entire eleven, with his idea of ‚Äč‚Äčmaking tests with a view to the European, for which he wanted to give minutes to almost all the players. In addition, it served to finish define the four discards that he has to communicate on Wednesday to form the final list of 23 footballers.

The changes caught Spain off guard at the start of the second half, and Ali Avila He had a shot inside the area that, however, he sent to the side of the net. A scare after which Santi Denia's men settled on the field and dominated the game more easily.

He arrived with danger, especially on the left side, where he had a double winger made up of Juan Miranda and Miguel Gutierrez; with the latter who put a good cross into the small area in the 50th minute that Sergio Camello He did not succeed in finishing off face-to-face and sent the ball high.

Spain tried, but without success and Santi Denia continued giving his players minutes. He dealt half of the second 45 minutes to Alejandro Francés and Jon Pacheco; Adrian Bernabé and Nico González; and Sergio Camello and Juanmi Latasa.

Of the outfield players included in the pre-list of 27, only Sergio Gomez was left without playing having joined the concentration at dawn from Monday to Tuesday after winning the Champions League with the Manchester City.

Juanmi Latasawho made his debut in a match with the sub-21s, had it in his boots in the 84th minute to break the tie, but he was not fine in the shot.

Spain 1-1 Mexico
Stadium: Soccer City of Las Rozas
Headquarters: Madrid
Referee: Valentín Pizarro Gómez (Spain)

0-1 (12').- Fidel Ambriz
1-1 (18').- Aimar Oroz

Spain Under 21
Arnau Tenas
(Julen Agirrezabala, 45′)
arnau martinez
(Victor Gomez, 45')
Mario Gila
(Alejandro Francés, 45′)
(Jon Pacheco, 72')
Hugo Guillamón
(Aitor Paredes, 45′)
manu sanchez
(Juan Miranda, 45')
Anthony White
(Adrian Bernabé, 45′)
(Nico Gonzalez, 72')
Aimar Oroz
(Oihan Sancet, 45′)
Alex Baena
(Gabri Veiga, 45')
Rodri Sanchez
(Miguel Gutiérrez, 45′)
Rodrigo Riquelme
(Ander Barrenetxea, 45′)
Abel Ruiz
(Sergio Camello, 45')
(Juanmi Latasa, 72′)
DT: Santi Denia

Mexico Sub 23
fernando tapia
Rodrigo Huescas
(Eduardo Armenta, 77')
Diego Campillo
(Jesus Gomez, 77')
Raphael Guerrero
Eduardo Agila
(Miguel Gomez, 62')
Oscar Villa
Fidel Ambriz
rodrigo lopez
(Denzell Garcia, 54')
Bryan Gonzalez
(Jordan Carrillo, 54′)
Ali Avila
(Ricardo Monreal, 62')
Ettson Ayon
(Zahid Munoz, 62')
DT: Gerardo Espinoza Ahumada

(With information from EFE)

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