Mexico rescues 5,000 migrants from 36 countries in its territory | News


The National Migration Institute (INM) of the Mexican Ministry of the Interior reported the rescue of 5,688 migrants in the last four days.


They rescue 82 migrants who were traveling in a trailer in Mexico

According to the institution, 200 unaccompanied children, 3,645 adults, 1,843 travelers in family groups, of which 680 are also minors, were rescued by Federal Migration Agents (AFM) or Grupo Beta.

Those who were intercepted on the migratory route between April 21 and 24 were “in safe houses, trailer boxes, cattle trailers or hidden in overcrowded bus compartments or tractor-trailer cabins, without ventilation, water and food. ”.

Others were injured, after being assaulted and abandoned by alleged guides who would take them to the US-Mexico border.

According to the Mexican authorities, the travelers came from 36 countries, including Ghana, Romania, Tajikistan, Nepal, Ivory Coast, “in conditions of irregular stay.”

A balance of 1,060 people came from Honduras, 942 from Cuba, 906 from Guatemala, 629 from Nicaragua and 474 from El Salvador.

Meanwhile, 469 migrants transited from Colombia, 395 from Venezuela, 153 from Peru, 112 from Haiti and 91 from Haiti.

The INM declared “its commitment to safe, orderly and regular migration, with full respect and safeguarding the rights of those who are in the context of mobility through Mexican territory, without detriment to their economic, political or social condition.”

As indicated on Monday by the UN Agency for Refugees in Mexico (Acnur Mexico), this country became the third country in the world to receive more asylum applications, with 220 percent higher than in 2020.

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