Mexico recovers international tourism; Forwardkeys report

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Mexico ranks as the third country with the best recovery arrival of international tourists by air. According to him Global Travel Trends report presented by Forwardkeys, The country will close 2023 with an increase of 5.0% above the reserve volumes of 2019.

Dominican Republic will be the country with the best performanceas it will be 14% above pre-pandemic levels, the second is Colombia with 5.0%.

Oliver Ponti, Vice President of Forwardkeysexplained that although Mexico It continues to be one of the strongest destinations with significant growth, working in an increasingly competitive environment.

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In the years of the pandemic it had a very strategic position for the United States market, as it remained open, while the rest of the destinations remained closed. Now the whole world is open and there is much more competition,” he warned.

He added that Dominican Republic has positioned itself very strongly due to its Turistic marketing and for the diversity of tourism offerings and activities to attract travelers.

While in the case of Colombia The boost is due to air connectivity that has improved greatly, especially from the United States, which is the main issuing market, but also because the image has improved that it is a safer country every day.

The Caribbean Sea area is a post-covid success story with the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Aruba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Mexico and the Bahamas among the eight best-performing countries. The home market driving this continued growth is the United States, as well as long-haul markets,” he added.


According to the report, during the last two years Travelers have shown a clear preference for sun and beach destinations. However, urban destinations show a growth of 52% against 2022 levels, and are above the 26% growth reported by beach destinations.

While half of Africa's top 30 destinations are near or above 2019 levels, driven by strong demand from the United States, Canada and Europe seeking safari destinations.

While the recovery in South America advances slowly and is -19% against 2019 levels due to high fares and limited connectivity in key destinations such as Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru.

The document also details that climate change is expected to reshape travel. “The increase in temperature on a global scale reduces demand in hotter destinations during the summer and increases the attractiveness of the traditional in colder regions.”

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