Mexico recovers 2.5 million dollars in assets from Genaro García Luna's companies

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Mexico.- The Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF) reported the recovery of assets from the companies of Genaro García Luna and his wife for a total of 2 million 524 thousand 50 dollars, which will be delivered to the Government of Mexico after a court ruling in Florida.

Through a civil lawsuit, filed before the courts of the state of Florida on September 21, 2021. In this, the recovery of resources defrauded from the Mexican government was requested, as a result of illegal contracts in favor of the company Delta Integrator, property from Linda Cristina Pereyra, wife of the former Secretary of Public Security.

Yesterday, October 4, Judge Lisa Walsh ordered the delivery of the assets after demonstrating that the defendants incurred a “default” by not attending the trial.

The company's assets amount to 1 million 968 thousand 250 dollars and 50 cents, the product of three assets already liquidated.

Additionally, there is an apartment in Miami, Florida, with an approximate price of $555,800.

In total, the judge ordered Mexico to deliver 2 million 524 thousand 050 dollars, which is equivalent to 44 million Mexican pesos.

The liquidated properties and the apartment in process were acquired through the corruption network generated by García Luna and his wife using money from fraudulent activities of both of them with the Government of Mexico.

García Luna's illegal acts occurred for more than ten years, during the six-year terms of Vicente Fox, Felipe Calderón and Enrique Peña Nieto.

This is a first recovery of assets, and is part of the civil trial for which the federal government claims a total of 600 million dollars, approximately 10,954,920,000 pesos.

Since 2021, the UIF has documented and exposed the former official's corruption network by creating a business conglomerate with which he obtained 30 illicit contracts with public security entities in Mexico.

With these operations, the FIU reported in June 2023 that García Luna extracted more than 650 million dollars from the national coffers. Which in turn were transferred to the state of Florida through tax havens to acquire real estate and other assets.

Genaro García Luna is imprisoned in the United States, he was found guilty of five charges: Three for drug trafficking, and two more for organized crime and false statements. His sentencing was postponed until March 1, 2023 by the Eastern District Court of New York.

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