Mexico ratifies willingness to strengthen multilateral structures | News

In the framework of the XXXIII Meeting of ambassadors and consuls that took place this Monday in Mexico, the Secretary of Foreign Relations of that nation, Marcelo Ebrard, affirmed that it seeks to strengthen and develop multilateral structures.


Mexico will try several former officials for Operation Fast and Furious

The Foreign Minister affirmed that despite the difficulties that it has to go through multilateral decisions, the Government chaired by Andrés Manuel López Obrador works in favor of the strengthening of international relations.

“Our objective is to support the multilateral structure in a world with significant geopolitical tensions,” stressed the Mexican Foreign Minister.

In this sense, during the opening moment – the only part open to the press – Ebrard detailed the ethical dimension on which the strategy is carried out, such as support for justice, peace and global stability.

Regarding the work of the Mexican Foreign Ministry in 2021, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mexico explained that it focused on obtaining vaccines against and other supplies for the fight against Covid-19: “It put to the test the work of a huge a team that has been successful all over the world ”, he stressed.

The Foreign Minister celebrated the fruit of the work of the officials, which has been the culmination of the fact that Mexico has been able to carry out the vaccination plan drawn up by the Government, the figure of more than 200 million doses of vaccines sent to the country.

Fight against violence and organized crime

One of the central themes of the meeting was the fight against organized crime and violence, the basis of which is the illegal circulation of weapons that reach groups that lead operations of trafficking, assassinations, human trafficking and others.

In this sense, the lawsuit filed by Mexico against US arms manufacturers was one of the main topics discussed.

The highest of the priorities of the Government of Mexico, as detailed by Ebrard, is to reduce violence, which requires the Ministry of Foreign Relations to work to reduce arms trafficking.