Mexico makes the Pan American Games vibrate! This is how the delegation paraded

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With taekwondoin Carlos Sansores and the basketball player Karina Esquer as standard bearersthe Mexican Delegation jumped to the National Stadium in Santiago de Chile, where the Inauguration of the 2023 Pan American Games.

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Wearing the pink jacket with black t-shirtMexico made its appearance with the aim of surpass the performance in the last editionwhere the delegation He got third place by getting 136 medals (37 Gold, 36 Silver, 63 Bronze).

The National Stadium explodes with Mexico!

After leaving Jamaica, and - as is customary in major events - well supported by the fans present at the Inauguration, who They flooded the stands with Mexican flags and T-shirtsathletes They made their appearance between dances and laughter.

Performing a 'avalanche' in front of the camera shouting "Mexico, Mexico" and showing details such as competitor keychains, kissing the national flag and recording his appearance was like the large Mexican contingent It was presented at the 2023 Pan American Games.

Mexico has already begun its activity in the Pan American Games

Was the Wednesday October 18 when the national team had a dream start with the baseball representative the same one who won 16-0 to the locals.

Likewise, prior to the Inauguration, activity began in different disciplinesone of them, box: where Miguel Vega Barreras fell to the Cuban Iván Hortawhile this Friday, October 20, Vanessa Ortiz finished with her fist raised in his fight against Yakelín Estornell.

For their part, the great news for Mexico came from the 10 meter Clavados Platformwhere Gabriela Agundez and Alejandra Orozco got their ticket to the final of the testthe same that will be carried out this Saturday the 21st at 4:00 p.m. (Mexico City Center time).


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