Mexico is third in the world in murders

In a week with two massacres, that of San José de Gracia (Michoacán) and Ciudad Cerdán (Puebla), the president set about clarifying whether or not what happened in the first case was an execution, and asking an organized crime cartel to change name.

The president also chose this fateful week to defend his policy of hugs, not bullets, despite the fact that the crime figures in the current administration placed Mexico in third place in the world in homicides during 2021.

With 33 thousand 315 murders, Mexico is behind Brazil (50 thousand 33) and India (42 thousand 879). But the Head of State leads the issue of violence towards the need for the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, “should remove its name, since they affect Jalisco.”

Worse still, that is where the debate is headed, although in the global comparison of homicides per hundred thousand inhabitants, Mexico ranks sixth globally with 26.8 percent, only after Jamaica, Venezuela, Honduras, Bolivia and South Africa. It is a catastrophe.

Yes, because in the first 38 months of this government, 113,508 Mexicans have been murdered: an average of 3,055 per month and one crime every 17 minutes. And in January of this year they already killed 2,427 deaths; in February to more than 1,500.

In this relativization of the issue by the president, the lack of seriousness of some officials regarding the issue of violence seems to be normalized, as in the case of the 17 people killed after being put against a wall in San José de Gracia.

The Undersecretary of Public Security, Ricardo Mejía, scoffed, saying that the 17 people from San José de Gracia were murdered and shot against a wall, but that it was not a “shooting” because no one shouted “prepare, aim , fire!”.

The government finds itself at that level of simplification of insecurity and murders, despite the fact that in its first half term it far exceeded the negative mark of the three previous governments in terms of crimes.

In the first 38 months of Vicente Fox’s government, 43 thousand 77 intentional homicides were registered; in those of Felipe Calderón (45 thousand 417), in those of Enrique Peña (67 thousand 338), and, in the current one, there are 113 thousand 508. It is terrifying, really.

Although, in government, they don’t seem scared. Murders and insecurity are seen as part of the landscape, if one is guided by the strength of the president and his undersecretary to clarify whether or not it was an execution, the riddled with bullets of 17 pardons against a wall.

Because we lost the ability to be amazed at crime.