Mexico is fertile ground for the evolution of electric mobility: JAC

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During the Imagen 2023 Sustainability Summit, where innovation and ecological responsibility are at the epicenter of the discussions, we were accompanied by Cristian Moreno, an authority in automotive journalism and a prominent voice of Imagen Radio. With it, we received representatives from JAC México and Giant Motors Latin America, leaders in the transition towards cleaner mobility.

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It's an honor to be here. Today, our attention is focused on electric mobility, a concept that has ceased to be a futuristic vision and has become a palpable reality, thanks to the efforts of visionary companies dedicated to the preservation of our planet. "I am pleased to introduce you to Elías Massri, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Giant Motors Latin America, and Isidoro Massri, General Director of JAC México," said Cristian.

The words of Isidoro Massri, General Director of JAC Mexico: "To begin with, we are a Mexican company... our market is Mexico and we are directing all our efforts here." This statement underlines the commitment of JAC and Giant Motors to technological innovation and environmental sustainability, focused on Mexico as a fertile ground for the evolution of electric mobility.

Isidoro Massri reflects on how Mexico often lags behind in the adoption of new technologies. However, he stresses that, as a Mexican company with access to global technology, there is no reason to perpetuate this cycle. "Why not?" says Massri, pointing to JAC's extensive distribution network, the existing assembly plant and the evident demand in Mexico for advanced mobility technology.

The dialogue deepens with the participation of Elías Massri, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Giant Motors Latin America. When asked by Cristian Moreno about the choice of JAC as a strategic partner, Elías answers: "JAC is a pioneer in electrical technology. When choosing them, we looked to the future, even thinking about the next generations." The emphasis is on the synergy between JAC's technological innovation and Mexico's productive and adaptive capacity. Elías Massri recognizes the unique challenges that Mexico presents due to its geographical and cultural characteristics, but reiterates that these peculiarities are, in fact, strengths when you have a partner that understands and adapts to these conditions.

The commitment to quality and sustainability, according to Elías Massri, goes beyond the simple manufacturing of vehicles. It is about building a value chain that begins with technology and ends with the end user. The alliance with JAC reinforces this vision, given the brand's leadership in electric mobility and its flexibility to adapt to complex markets such as Mexico.

In short, the conversation at the Summit highlights a powerful message: the future of sustainable mobility is here, and companies like JAC and Giant Motors are at the forefront of this revolution in Mexico. It's not just a question of "why not?" but a resounding "it's time to do it."

It highlights JAC's continued commitment to sustainable mobility innovation, underscoring how the brand is not only looking to the future but is actively creating the future today.

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