Mexico has no pressure: Henry Martín blames the media for the tension generated in El Tri matches

The Mexican team achieved an epic comeback in Kingston. Jamaica could not sustain the victory against an Aztec team that tried at all times. El Tri won 1-2 a momentous match in the options for the 2022 Qatar World Cup. Despite the importance of commitment, Henry Martín assured that there was no pressure between the players.

There was no pressure, we knew what we had to do, which was to win this match however it was. You put the pressure (the media) and we are calm because we know we can achieve it”, expressed the striker of the Águilas del América after the end of the game.

Without a doubt it is a quite surprising conception for everything that was played in Mexico: Gerardo Martino has his position on the tightrope, the Aztec team could drop to fourth position in the Concacaf Octagonal and the road to Qatar 2022 became more complicated after the last two losses to Canada and the United States. Despite this negative outlook, Martín assured that “there was no pressure”.

However, this is an encouraging revelation for the Aztec team. If Mexico did not feel pressure before the game against Jamaica, because the concerns would have to be zero from now on. El Tri took an advantage of three points in the classification table and will have to host Costa Rica and Panama in the following days. But despite the victory, the magnifying glass is still on Gerardo Martino. An agonizing victory did not finish convincing the fans.

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