“Mexico had to win civilly or criminally and they succeeded”: Panama coach spoke of the controversial penalty against Diego Lainez


The penalty on Lainez allowed the goal of Raúl Jiménez and the victory of Mexico.

Photo: Rafael Vadillo / Imago7

El Tri defeated Panama 1-0 at the Azteca Stadium. This victory of the Mexican team outlines them as serious contenders for the direct qualification to the World Cup in Qatar 2022. However, Mexico suffered again and he needed a penalty full of controversy to be able to unlock the game. Although many called it “theft”, Canaleros coach Thomas Christiansen was more serene.

“In the first half we were well involved, the objective was to look for those movements, to have the ball, be in control of the gamewe got it, we knew that the second part, like in Panama, that he was going to submit us. Mexico’s demand was to win by civil or criminal and they got it”, sentenced the strategist at the end of the match.

The play was quite small. The quick movements of Diego Lainez and the excessive entrance of Abdiel Ayarza complicated the decision of the play. Despite the different conceptions, the main judge Ivan Arcides Barton he did not have the initiative to review the play in the VAR; one of the questions to the controversial and sharp sentence.

“Let’s see, I think that with so many doubts that you have in Mexico, in Panama and in the other countries that will have seen it, it would be reviewable at least. But it is what I say, Panama or Mexico, nothing is given away here and it is what it touches. We must continue and wait for better moments”, added the Panama coach.

Despite not showing great signs of annoyance, Thomas Christiansen hinted at a certain premonition about the sentences to his team. The strategist considers that throughout the Octagonal there has been no kind of “gift” from the arbitration point of view. That is, some controversial decision that has favored them, as happened with Mexico.

“Well, it was difficult there were many people in front of the image, our recording was also difficult to see, but the truth is that these qualifiers have not been very lucky, Panama has not been given anything and in the end this continues”, he concluded.

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