Mexico faces the challenge of offering connectivity and cybersecurity to its population: Javier López Casarín


Mexico.- Deputy Javier López Casarín (PVEM), president of the Science, Technology and Innovation Commission, stated that in a world where information technologies have become the axis of development, Mexico faces the double challenge of providing Internet to all its inhabitants and offer conditions for safe browsing.

The foregoing, in a statement regarding his participation in the “Parliamentary Dialogue” panel, within the framework of the “Mexico 5G. From digital inclusion to innovation and competitiveness”, which took place in Mexico City.

“What is Mexico’s vision regarding connectivity policy? The Federal Government has a proposal called ‘Internet for all’. Universal access to the internet is a first step that no one disputes, but the next thing is to ask ourselves why we want the network, how we take advantage of it to face that great challenge that is inequality, how we can boost our economy for the benefit of all and all”, Indian.

The legislator assured that the Chamber of Deputies, and in coordination with the Senate of the Republic, is working on an initiative to create the Federal Cybersecurity Law.

“We have the obligation to build a solid legal framework with the ability to adapt to technological changes. The State, as the governing body, must ensure the safety of public institutions, but also that of natural and legal persons; with tools that protect the users of information technologies, the necessary trust will be generated so that there are more investments in the technological sector”, he maintained.

The meeting was organized by the Digital Policy & Law (DPL) Group, in coordination with the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT), the National Telecommunications Association (Anatel Mexico) and the Mexican Academy of Informatics.

Senator Cora Pinedo Alonso (PT), Chilean Senator Kenneth Pugh and Colombian Senator Alfredo de Luque participated in the table. The moderator of the panel was Jorge Fernando Negrete, president of the Digital Policy & Law Group (DPL Group).

With information from the Chamber of Deputies

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