Mexico defends energy sovereignty against the US and Canada | News


The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, reiterated that what his country is looking for, in the context of the Free Trade Agreement with the United States and Canada (T-MEC), is respect for sovereignty, in particular energy independence, after recent differences on the matter between its northern neighbors.


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In this sense, the Mexican president ratified that his country does not intend to leave the T-MEC and therefore reported that he had already sent his US counterpart, Joe Biden, the communication that he announced last week that he would send him to express his surprise at the call consultations as part of the agreement on the Mexican energy policy.

According to the Mexican president, the United States assured that they must take care “that it be a good relationship, but [que] do not treat us or let us be treated as a colony because Mexico is an independent, free, sovereign country”.

He abounded, in that sense, “in a simple way, Mexico is not for sale, Mexico belongs to the Mexicans, to our generation and to those who come, that is priceless, there is no arrangement that is worth it.”

He said that, however, his Government “will always look for a good neighbor” and celebrated that the T-MEC offers many opportunities for the neighborhood and because it is (the United States) the country with the most economic and commercial potential in the world.

Meanwhile, the Mexican president ruled out that Mexico could join the trade bloc with China, Russia, Brazil and India (BRICS); because, on the other hand, the relationship with North America is “very consolidated, (and) the only thing we are looking for is that our sovereignty be respected”.

“That this integration does not mean submission and fortunately President Biden has expressed it to me more than once, that the relationship has to take place on an equal footing and with respect for our sovereignty, that is why I have even told him that Unlike the phrase attributed to Porfirio Díaz, I maintain that: ‘Blessed Mexico, so close to God and not so far from the United States’”.

According to the Mexican president, what has happened is that it has given “a difference due to the interpretation of the United States and Canada to the energy sovereignty of Mexico.”

Last Thursday, the Mexican president said that his country did not accept giving up its sovereignty for the T-MEC, in the face of claims by Mexico and Canada for the reform of the Mexican energy policy to strengthen the public electricity company.

At that time he said: “Even in the case of the most important market in the world. If having access to that market implies giving up sovereignty, we do not accept it. We are not going to hand over our independence to any foreign government.”

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