Mexico country of rapists?


Raul Flores Martinez.

Yesterday International Women’s Day was commemorated again, a day that has nothing to commemorate, the mobilizations and even the damage to real estate infrastructure, has a reason, violence against women and girls.

The figures are scandalous, especially what has to do with the so-called black figure of sexual violence. In 2021 alone, 99.7 percent of cases went unreported, almost 5 million women were victims of sexual crimes during the second half of 2021.

This means an increase of 0.8 percentage points with respect to the same period of the previous year. 99.7 percent of the cases of sexual violence suffered by women over 18 years of age from July to December 2021, were not reported. In 2020, the black figure was 98.6 percent.

This means that day after day women are sexually violated in the streets and houses, especially in some entities, where the black figure increased by one hundred percent.

According to a study carried out by the non-governmental organization México Evalúa, the cities that have a percentage very close to 100 percent of black figures in sexual crimes are Tlaxcala, Mérida and Tampico.

Sexual violence is a reality that little by little is surpassing it, because the number of women over 18 years of age are victims of sexual crimes, which includes sexual harassment, sexual harassment, sexual abuse and rape.

According to the investigation folders initiated by each of these crimes in the 90 cities of the country, thus calculating the black figure, that is, the proportion of unreported crimes, or those reported that did not lead to an investigation folder.

This estimate is timely and novel for several reasons. First, the National Survey of Victimization and Perception of Public Security (ENVIPE), which is the measurement instrument that calculates the dark figure for most crimes on a regular basis, is published in September and takes the immediately preceding year as a reference. so several months (or even a year) pass before it is broadcast.

In addition, the Inegi classifies the black figure for sexual crimes as “other crimes”, and it is not broken down by each of them, for example, the crime of rape has a lower black figure than sexual harassment or intimidation and this is not It is reflected in your statistics.

According to the ENSU, almost 5 million women over the age of 18 suffered some type of sexual violence during the second half of 2021. The SESNSP data for 2021 report a minuscule proportion of the actual crime rate.

For the crimes of harassment/sexual harassment and sexual abuse, the black figure reaches 99.9 percent, that is, 0.6 percentage points more than what was reported the previous year for the same period.

Between July and December 2021, 5,872 investigation folders were released nationwide for the crime of rape, while the ENSU estimates that 371,252 women were victims of this crime during the same period. This means that in 97.3% of rape cases there was no complaint or an investigation was not initiated.

There are the figures, official figures that do not attract the attention of the authorities, much less in homes, where these violent offenders continue to go unreported, many times these guys are the same ones who take women’s lives.

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