Mexico condemns all acts against civilians in Israel

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He Government of Mexico “unequivocally” condemned the attacks against the people of Israeland all attack against civilians, by the Islamist group Hamas and other Palestinian organizations.

Through a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE), The Government of Mexico indicated that every act, which it described as terroristconstitutes an attack against international peace and security.

The Government of Mexico has closely followed up on recent events in Israel and Palestine and unequivocally condemns the inappropriate attacks that occurred against the people of Israel on October 7 by Hamas and other Palestinian organizations in Gaza.

Every terrorist act constitutes a threat to international peace and security, which requires the full cooperation of all States to prevent and punish them. "No cause justifies resorting to terrorism," the Foreign Ministry said in its statement.

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Mexico proposed to participate in a process that leads to peace between the parties in conflict.

Faithful to the constitutional principle of peaceful settlement of disputes, the Government of Mexico expresses its willingness to support any effort aimed at establishing lasting peace in the region, based on mutual respect and full adherence to international law,” it was stated.

The Foreign Ministry indicated that Mexico recognizes Israel's right to self-defense, “which must be governed by the conditions established in international law.

Likewise, he condemned the use of force, regardless of who it comes from, mainly when the objectives have been civilians, in clear violation of international humanitarian law.”

The SRE expressed that Mexico observes with “utmost concern” the escalation of violence between Israel and Palestine, which has resulted in the unfortunate death of hundreds of civilians, including women and children, the taking of hostages and a high number of injuries.

In the statement, which establishes the position of the Government of Mexico, the broadest solidarity was expressed with the victims and their families, and it was also firmly stated called to allow the supply, without any obstacles, of humanitarian assistance.

These regrettable events should serve to remind us, once again, of the urgency of resuming negotiations to reach a fundamental solution to the conflict in the region.

Mexico's position is clear. Mexico favors a comprehensive and definitive solution to the conflict, under the premise of two States, that addresses Israel's legitimate security concerns and allows the consolidation of a politically and economically viable Palestinian State that coexists with Israel within secure and internationally recognized borders of in accordance with the relevant resolutions of the United Nations,” stated the SER.

He added that the responsibility to resume the peace process undoubtedly falls on the parties in conflict and is unavoidable; However, to the international community and the United Nations It is their responsibility to sponsor a political process aimed at promoting a just and sustainable peace in the region.

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