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The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, announced the convening of a meeting of about ten countries to discuss migration issues, claiming that it is "a structural issue" that affects practically the entire region.


IOM urges to address unprecedented migration in Central America

"We have to prevent migratory flows from increasing," López Obrador said this Wednesday at a press conference, arguing that, although it is necessary to "protect" migrants, it must be made clear that, when undertaking this type of movement, "the risks are greater."

López Obrador aspires to negotiate "a joint aid plan." The meeting is "believed" that it may take place in the next ten days.

The International Organization for Migration warned this Wednesday that the "unprecedented" flow of people crossing the Americas requires greater collaboration between the governments of Central America and Mexico, to guarantee humanitarian assistance for thousands of people.

The Darién Gap, a dangerous jungle that connects Colombia and Panama, has registered more than 390,000 crossings so far this year; in August alone, 82,000 people crossed this area, an unprecedented monthly figure. The majority are of Venezuelan, Ecuadorian and Haitian origin.

"If there is a lot of migration, there is a lot of flow of migrants from Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Venezuela, Cuba, Colombia, we have to come together to analyze the causes, how to help so that people do not see themselves forced to abandon their towns," said López Obrador.

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