Mexico and the US sign a tie with emotions, but without goals

Mexico.-Tepid goalless draw between Mexico and the United States, El Tri could not face the staunch rival on the field of the Azteca Stadium, with this there are already four games without a victory for the Americans. However, the Mexican team still keeps alive its aspirations for a direct ticket to Qatar.

Lack of forcefulness, that is the disease that El Tri has suffered throughout the Octagonal Final, but against the United States it was forbidden for those symptoms to appear.

The Stars and Stripes team started with greater momentum and possession of the ball, however, it was Chucky and Jiménez who caused the first screams from the public in the stands.

Little by little, El Tri found his composure, Zimmerman became the most active defender of the match against the constant centers of Sánchez and Lozano. Robinson conditioned the last line when he saw the yellow card after a hard tackle on Jiménez.

The match did not grant concessions, although the United States showed their defensive deficiencies from set pieces after Johan Vásquez came close to scoring. Montes also had his chance with a shot that went close to Zack Steffen’s goal.

But it was Ochoa who on more than one occasion dressed up as a hero. The ball came to him without much problem and before the null tricolor mark, to Yunus Musah, who hit first with his left foot. The goal cry of the American team was drowned out thanks to the timely intervention of Paco Memo.

The spirits began to heat up, desperation appeared in the form of mistakes, but from the stands the song of Chucky Lozano was present. The USA team withdrew lines, only with some leaked ball could Mexico hurt, Charly Rodríguez and ‘Tecatito’ were close to it.

Corona let the clearest danger escape for El Tri, Sevilla’s man controlled a ball poorly and from the bench Martino’s cry of fury was not long in coming. But that seemed to be the formula, the pressure at the start.

The man in the mirror, Christian Pulisic, made the same mistake, Tim Weah’s cross was precise, but the Chelsea player preferred to shoot Ochoa at close range instead of placing the ball, the Mexican goalkeeper stopped the shot with his chest.

A long-range shot from Chucky and a hopeful overhead kick attempt from Jiménez concluded the first half. With a right hand from Lozano and one more dangerous play between Herrera and Sánchez, who came close to connecting, the second half started.

In less than 10 minutes Raúl Jiménez was the protagonist of two key plays, first a header that failed to transcend and then a play inside the area that the public claimed as a penalty on the Wolverhampton striker, but Mario Escobar, whistler of the match, decreed what contrary.

Although the equalizer was not a bad result for the Stars and Stripes, they kept looking for the goal. An inattention in Herrera’s mark that did not cut Pulisic’s center left the ball open for Gio Reyna, who enabled Pefok but he incredibly missed the opportunity.

Lozano could not finish either, a cross shot caused excitement in the stands, but Steffen’s intervention was timely.

The clock was consumed, the cry of “yes you can” flooded the Azteca, followed by “Tata out”, and the infamous cry of “fucking”, which until then had not been present. The game was for either side. Mexico did not lower their arms, some more arrivals disturbed the danger zone of the United States, but the goal did not fall.

The United States and Mexico remain tied with 22 units, being the second and the third of the Concacaf qualifying for the World Cup.


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