Mexico and its culture arrive at the Havana International Book Fair

Mexico.-With an offer of nearly 3 thousand titles between novels, short stories, essays, dramaturgy, poetry and children’s and youth literature, as well as music, cinema, theater, among other activities, Mexico will be present at the thirtieth edition of the Havana International Book Fair FILH.)

Thanks to the joint efforts of the Cuban Book Chamber, the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Mexico, through the Cervantino International Festival and Cultural Circuits and the General Directorate of International Affairs, Mexico will be present at this festival from 20 to 20 april.

Thus, the Secretary of the Navy, the Secretary of Foreign Relations, the Secretary of Public Education and the Fund for Economic Culture, which together coordinate the artistic, literary and exhibition participation of the Mexican delegationwill contribute through these to the strengthening of the communication bridges built between Cuba and Mexico, through cultural exchange, dialogue and openness to new languages ​​of expression.

Through a joint statement it was reported that among the activities that will take place at the 30 FILH is the inauguration of the exhibition “Welcome to Paradise”, by Oswaldo Ruiz (Centro de la Imagen), by the Secretary of Culture of the Government of Mexico, Alejandra Frausto Guerrero; the conference “The books of the FCE in Havana”, which will be given by the general director of the Fund for Economic Culture (FCE), Paco Ignacio Taibo II, and the editorial presentation of The battle for Tenochtitlanby Pedro Salmerón; Zapata’s murderby Felipe Avila, and Here ends the homelandby Federico Mastrogiovanni.

The same line includes the conference “Editions in indigenous languages”, which will be given by Elisa Ramírez, and the multilingual scenic act The original word, performed by 13 girls, boys and young people who expose the cultural diversity of Mexico in a narration in Tzotzil languages. , Mixtec, Otomí, Yaqui and Mayan.

Similarly, between the highlights of the artistic program The participation of the Folkloric Ballet of Mexico is counted, which will make a tour of the most representative dances of our country.

In turn, the National Theater Company will stage Desazón, a work by Víctor Hugo Rascón, based on the stories of three women from Coahuila who pour their memories into cooking recipes; while the company La Rendija, directed by Raquel Araujo, will perform a play by Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Loa a El divino narciso, starring women.

Also, as part of the activity associated with publishing, Paco Ignacio Taibo II, Fabrizio Mejía, Pedro Salmerón and Felipe Ávila will give the talk “Telling the Story”, while José Gordon will do the same with the topic “Dissemination of The science”; while Francisco Hinojosa, who will receive a tribute within the framework of the FILH, will speak about “Children’s literature at the FCE”.

For its part, Bernard Fernandez, BEFand Horacio Porcayo, will talk about “Reality told through science fiction”, and Ricardo Peláez will do so with the theme “Illustration from text to comics”.

In addition, Mario Bellatin will be presented with the José María Arguedas award from the Casa de las Américas 2015, who will present Wild Texts and Uruguayan Book of the Dead. The first is a volume that accounts for his best works, while the second is a narration of fantastic events about death and the limits of life, told by beings articulated in the author’s own imagination.


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