Mexico already has its 26 soccer players: Gerardo Martino confessed that the El Tri players already know who will go to the 2022 Qatar World Cup

Tata has not yet publicly expressed the final list.

Photo: Etzel Espinosa / Imago7

After the victory this Wednesday against Iraq in Gironathe coach of Mexico, Gerardo Martino said about the final call of 26 names for the World Cup that footballers already know “their situation” for “a long time” and added that the fact that the press does not know “He speaks highly of them, honestly because it is very difficult to sustain it”.

In this sense, about the forward Raul Jimenezdoubt for Qatar, Martino confessed that is “evolving” and that “it’s probably an 80 to 85% chance. She looks good on her, confident. He is involved in almost every job, but there is still a week left and it is not worth rushing.”

Of the game against Iraq, the Mexican coach said that it served to see “how did the players react and what did they show after three weeks of work in some casesthrough 90 minutes before a selected team”.

He added that he does not think that “beating iraq will solve all problems and everything that can be talked about outside”, but he pointed out that the team is “looking for the best way to get to the first match of the World Cup” and that he is trying to “find the best performers.”

In addition, he highlighted the game of Héctor Herrera as pivot and stated that placing Néstor Araújo as a right-back, even though he is “totally unaware of the position”is positive in the “defensive aspect”“to win a footballer with good size and free the opposite side”.

Regarding proper names, he also argued that the fact that Robert Alvaradoone of the players from Mexico who is said could fall from the final list, will play the 90 minutes “It has no reading beyond what happened in the 90 minutes,” but it was to see him a part in each band.

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