Mexicans march against the genocide that Israel commits in Gaza | News

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This Sunday in Mexico City, thousands of Mexicans marched, convened by more than 100 social organizations, where they asked for an end to the attacks by the Israeli occupation forces and an end to what they described as a genocide against the Palestinian population.


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The contingent advanced from the Angel of Independence, on the main avenue Paseo de la Reforma, towards the Zócalo of the Mexican capital. They used slogans like “Netanyahu, fascist. You are the terrorist”, “let's break up, break up, relationship with Israel” or “where they are, they cannot be seen, the sanctions against Israel”, “it is not a war, it is a genocide”

This is the third march organized by social groups in solidarity with Palestine in which they demand a ceasefire, an end to the occupation, sanctions against Israel, respect for international humanitarian law and a forceful stance from the Mexican Government to what they considered as a genocide.

Israel's siege began almost a month ago after the launch of the Hamas offensive, called Operation Al-Aqsa Deluge, which left 1,400 dead.

At the event, which ended outside the National Palace, tribute was given with a characteristic Day of the Dead offering to remember all the victims of this armed conflict.

The protesters, after painting the Palestinian flag in front of the National Palace, fell to the ground to simulate the thousands of bodies of Palestinians killed by Israel's attacks. In addition, they demanded that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador break diplomatic relations with Israel.

The Mexican Government has raised the tone of its position regarding the war between Palestine and Israel and condemned the indiscriminate attacks against the civilian population; although it has not cut diplomatic relations or taken a position against the Israeli State.

Meanwhile, nations in Latin America made more forceful decisions, such as the Government of Bolivia, which broke relations with Israel, while Colombia and Chile called for their ambassadors.

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